Paint Colour Mistakes To Avoid in Your Home


When painting your home with painters Eastern Suburbs, it’s tempting to pick out whatever colour you like at the hardware store and call it a day. Unfortunately, picking bad paint colours has the potential to make your whole house look uninviting and can even drive away potential buyers if you ever decide to sell it. Avoid these common mistakes with this guide on what not to do when picking out paint colours.

Paint Colour Mistake #1: Not Neutralizing Light

One of the worst paint colour mistakes you can make is not neutralizing light in your home. When light hits a wall, it can reflect off the paint and cause colours to appear brighter than they actually are. This can be especially problematic in rooms with lots of natural light. To avoid this, make sure to use a neutral paint colour that won’t reflect light and will help tone down the brightness in your room.

Paint Colour Mistake #2: The Grout Trick

We’ve all seen it before: a homeowner tries to save money by painting over dirty grout instead of replacing it. But this is a major mistake! The grout will eventually start to show through, and it will look even worse than it did before. Plus, painting over grout is a waste of time and money – you’ll just have to replace the grout eventually anyway. So skip the Grout Trick and do things the right way from the start.

Paint Colour Mistake #3: White Trim (Or Dark Wood)

If you have white trim or dark wood in your home, you want to make sure you don’t paint it the same colour as your walls. This will make the space feel closed in and small. Instead, try painting your trim a lighter colour than your walls to help brighten up the space. Painting trim white with professional painters eastern suburbs Sydney can also make your walls look brighter because of how light reflects off of it. The effect is more dramatic when using darker colours on the wall.

Paint Colour Mistake #4: Choosing a Bad Shade of Grey

If you’re not careful, grey can come off as cold and depressing. But with the right shade, grey can be modern and sophisticated. The key is to find a balance between warm and cool tones. A good rule of thumb is to use a light grey for walls and a darker grey for accents. And when in doubt, always ask for a sample!

Painting Tips and Tricks for Your Home

When painting your home with the professional painters Lane Cove, it’s important to choose the right colours. Some colours can make a space feel small or claustrophobic, while others can make it feel cold and sterile. So, when selecting paint colours for your home, you want to find something that will work with the overall design of your house. What paint colour do you use on walls? How about ceilings? And more. Once you know what colours you need, think about how they will affect the mood of each room in your home. Is there one that makes you happy? Relaxed? Depressed? Excited? Use these feelings as a guide to choosing which colours should be used where in your home.

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