Pamper The New Dads With Exciting Gift Ideas

While the whole attention is given to the new mum and newly born baby, a new dad is usually much sidelined. But it is also true that new dads require some attention, because up to the National Library of Medicine, perinatal depression can occur in approximately 8 to 10 percent of fathers, with the highest prevalence within 3 to 6 months postpartum. Additionally, irritability, indecisiveness, and restricted range of emotion might be observed more frequently in men. So rather than sidelining the first time dads, give them the desired attention and make it a memorable experience for them as well.

Looking for ways to make the first time dad’s experience a memorable one?

Read on to get acquainted with exciting ideas on the Best Gifts For First Time Dads.

Exciting And Best Gifts For First Time Dads!

Matching Outfits

Becoming parents is one of the exciting aspects of entering into a new life. Since every moment counts as a special one, make it more unique for them by gifting some matching outfits so that they can pose with the kiddo and create a fantastic memory that can be cherished forever.

This can help them create a family picture and a moment locked forever.

Give Them Time to Rest.

Since both new mums and dads need to take care of the newborn, it is not the responsibility of the single parent to stay awake. While the new mum is sleeping or the baby suddenly awakes, the best thing to do is give them the time to relax.

As dads have to go to work the next day, give them some time to relax and cover their sleep. A herbal tea or bath soak can help with this rest.


Saying take care can be difficult sometimes, but what if you can get some way of saying that without even speaking a single word? Sounds fantastic! Well, giving them something like an energy drink or some coffee can help keep them awake and perform the activities with desired energy. Instant cappuccino sachets work well for busy new Dads.

New Dad Kit

Present the new dad kit to the first time dad. This gift hamper comprises everything that is essential for the celebrations. Not just a celebration drink, but this gift hamper includes everything that can make the super excited and ready for festivities.

An Insulated Mug

While taking care of the newly born, it often happens that the coffee or tea goes cold before it can be consumed! To avoid that, an insulated mug can keep their coffee warm for a longer time to enjoy their beverage and take care of the baby. Therefore, an insulated mug can be a thoughtful gifting idea for new dads.

Personalised Gift Item

What can be more special than a completely customised gift item planned explicitly for the new dad? Well, yes, if you are considering selecting a gift that may touch the new dads, a personalised gift item can be the best way to impart the emotions you want to share with the new dads and completely calls for celebrations!

The personalised gift items can include anything! From personalised wallets to mugs and t-shirts, everything is covered!

Favourite Whiskey Sets

Being a dad for the first time indeed calls for a celebration, so gifting the daddy a whiskey set can be one of the best possible choices. Carve the newborn’s name on the collection and make it more personalised to give a greater impression on the minds. This will help them remember the gift forever and make them super enthusiastic to celebrate their step into the new daddy’s world!

The Daddy Hoodie

Make the new dad feel extra special, gift them a hoodie with many internal pockets so that everything you need to take care of the baby is easily within reach. And pretty easily accessible.

 Baby Footprint keychain or Photo Frame

Capturing the little bundle of joy’s fingerprints and presenting them to the new parents can always be one of the most valuable presents you can ever plan. This can make a wonderful gift that will be just for them, so planning this can be something unforgettable for them.

Daddy and Baby Type Canvas

Have you got their first photograph in which the daddy and baby got clicked? Well, if yes, then a canvas with baby and daddy pictures can be a unique gift to the new dad that he is definitely going to cherish in upcoming years.

You never know when you are gifting memories to the new dads that they are going to cherish for many more years to come.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Does music have the power to make a person relax? How can it lack in delivering the same comfort and relaxation to the new dads?

Well, yes, give a Bluetooth speaker and let them spend some time with the music to get the relaxation they actually need. And the best part is it can uplift the dad’s mood and create a joyful and much more relaxed mindset.

A Gift Card

A gift card from your favourite shopping store is an excellent idea to execute. You can gift the new dad a shopping gift card of their favourite brand so they can choose the items of their choice and use them for a longer duration. This can be a perfect gift idea for the ones with unique tastes.

The Best Way to Save Everything

Kids grow up so fast while performing some of the craziest things. And since parents don’t want to lose even a single moment, gifting a camera would assure they are capturing everything!

The digital world is lovely, but sometimes the hard copy photographs take you back to the moment that was precious to you.

Gifting a camera would be a pleasant way to capture moments that are precious to everyone!

Child Carrier

The best gift also includes one that includes the new dad’s interest. So if you are planning to go shopping, or the new dad is outdoorsy, a child carrier can be pretty helpful and a practical gift item. Shopping is an endless affair, and carrying a child during the entire shopping process is pretty complicated. During those difficult times, having a baby in child carriers can be much more helpful than you think.

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Bottom Line!

So what are your favourite picks out of all the gift items mentioned above?

Find it beneficial? We are sure that these are going to be super helpful for you!

Stay tuned to get more such updates, and we will never let your expectations go down concerning accessing the ideas or Best Gifts For First Time Dads.


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