Passing Tutorial For FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

The what if promotion is really starting to heat up now and by the hour we have brand new information in Ultimate Team and we will take a look at all the information in this guide, What If promo, What If player cards, What If SBCs, What If working rules and more. I hope you’ve been well-prepared and that your FIFA 21 What If investment with FUT Coins has been successful.

In FIFA 21, what is the What If Promo?
Unlike the complicated player items seen in Ones to Watch and Headliners, What If adds a new wrinkle by presenting team-oriented objectives that, if the real-life squad of these player items succeeds, these already enhanced items will achieve an additional + 2 OVR stat boost.
The target for midfielders and attackers in the next five league games is for their teams to score a total of six goals (effective from the moment they are released in the game).

FIFA 21 What If Date of Publication
On Friday, 26 February, the What If promo has already begun. For a limited time, the first set of What If cards will be available.

How to work if the promo is going to work in FIFA 21
What If is a new promo that is similar to the Headliners promo in that it is a Live Card case. That means that for the remainder of the FIFA 21 period, any special cards released in the set revealed on Friday will be ‘live’ cards. However, the biggest distinction between these What If cards and Headliners is that in live games, they will be rewarded for “objectives” rather than “wins.”
Upgrades will be given out based on match-based milestones, according to the leaks. “The insider explained, “Score a certain number of goals in five games, the ATK/MID players earn boosted stats. “Clean sheets provide a boost to GK/DEF.”

What if cards for FIFA 21?
With “What If” scenarios presented with boosted special items to obtain a potential additional ranking upgrade, this latest promo in FIFA 21 What If provides opportunities for players to increase their games.

To name a few of the highest OVR bits, Chelsea’s N’Golo Kanté, Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, and Seville’s Papu Gomez are among the players for the first promo team announced, and each player has the opportunity to get even better. The entire list of players who have “What If” cards for Team 1 is:
Jadon Sancho – Dortmund – 90 (Attacker)
Papu Gómez – Sevilla – 90(Midfielder)
N’Golo Kanté – Chelsea – 91 (Midfielder)
Kevin Mbabu – Wolfsburg – 85 (Defender)
Martin Ødegaard – Arsenal – 88 (Midfielder)
Chris Smalling – Roma – 88 (Defender)
Luka Jovic – Frankfurt – 87 (Attacker)
Yuri Berchiche – Athletic Club – 87 (Defender)
Roberto Pereyra – Udinese – 87 (Midfielder)
Marcelo – Lyon – 88-rated (Defender)
Pierre Lees-Melou – Nice – 86 (Midfielder)

FIFA 21 What happens if the SBC
It’s already possible to open a What If SBC card. Raphinha, Leeds United’s flying winger, has got an amazing new card, which you can add to your squad right now.

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