Patch Notes Of Apex Legends Update Contains Weapons, Caustic, And Gibraltar


Respawn company recently released the latest and new update for the popular in demand game Apex Legends, and it was quite a notable one. While a number of small patches have been released since the launch of the game, this one includes some tweaks balance that is notable to both weapons and two major characters who have suffered because of their different hitboxes. It also introduced a bonus event of XP (that has since ended), but ultimately the changes of the balance are what is most important that is to be aware of. You can get the rundown on what has changed and the full patch notes on the official website of Apex Legends.

Respawn company shared the complete list of patch notes on the subreddit of Apex Legends, and they show that Caustic and Gibraltar are among the key targets of the new update. Community manager Jay Frechette properly explained that those two, together with Pathfinder, were all getting extremely punished in the respective match data for their size of hitbox. Readjusting all the hitboxes worked to fix that particular Pathfinder, but the other two were still at quite a disadvantage. As a result, this patch adds a brand new passive ability for Caustic and Gibraltar that is called Fortified, which reduces the overall damage by a percentage of 10%. Each has a handful of other minor and quite small tweaks as well to make them a lot more competitive; Caustic deals more damage from the gas and can deploy his Ultimate from too further away, while gun shield of Gibraltar sees a 50% increase in the overall health (basically it now stands at 75).

Various other changes to multiple weapons include buffs for the Havoc and Longbow DMR, and nerfs for the Wingman, G7 Scout, and Spitfire. The jump ship has also gotten quite a speed increase, with Respawn company explaining, We felt that the ship was moving quite a bit too slow after watching the behavior of the player so we are speeding it up so all the different players that like to drop later in the flight path do not have to wait for so long.

This is a smaller-scale latest update to the overall 1.1 patch which went live recently. More recently, the new project lead Drew McCoy commented that the game is not coming to Switch right now, but he did not rule out the possibility entirely.

If you were playing the game in the last week, you were able to get some Battle Pass XP which is a bonus to level up quite faster. Your first Top 5 of the day permitted you a full Battle Pass level (29,500 BPP), and you could easily repeat that every single day until the bonus period ends on the date of April 18. That date has now passed, but we could always see an event like this return in the coming future.

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