Patent Validity Searches and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Looking for the best patent validity searches? You can undertake a validity search procedure with the help of Ensemble IP. The company assures high-quality results and impeccable white glove service. The searching approach is highly transparent and so is the methodology. Relevant art is also clearly identified by the company which also provides manual library and native language searching. There is a unique approach taken towards validity based studies for patent validity searches with powerful tools for searching and time-tested techniques for uncovering any previous art as well. Digital and physical libraries are extensively searched while full-text searching is conducted throughout six languages in the bargain. There is an emphasis on complete utilization of top-notch commercial patent search software as well.

All known AI-backed patent searching systems are tested continually with a view towards supplementing what is discovered and reviewed by human analysts. Ensemble IP goes well beyond conventional methods of searching and machine-based translations. There is manual searching conducted at libraries for product catalogs, journals of an obscure nature, theses and dissertations. There is native language, in-country searching for non-traditional and traditional non-patent and patent literature sources. We also help with primary patent research along with doing ample legwork for validation of dates of publication along with release dates and uncovering of publicly available but almost-impossible to discover documents too. Ensemble IP’s patent validity search procedure will give you the best results at all times.

Validity search solutions are perfectly customized and tailored. Your unique reasons for searching will be taken into account and consultative scoping procedures will make sure that all intricacies of such technology and specific requirements are clearly understood and taken care of throughout the final report and search procedures. We help you with all activities including the defense of an infringement claim, preparation of IPR (Inter Partes Review) submission and evaluation of the portfolio strength among other vital tasks. Ensemble IP has a wide spectrum of trust as far as litigators and patent attorneys are concerned. A huge majority of the busiest firms in litigation have been identified in IP Law and Business.

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