Path Of Exile 3.19 Kalandra League Starter Build

Path Of Exile 3.19 Kalandra league has received a lot of attention from players, and every time the league is launched, many players choose to start over, to have fun and ensure success in the league’s lineup.

How to choose a League Starter Builds

Every player prefers a different style of play, make sure you choose what you like. Finding the best build is what players care about the most. As clear map builds can be difficult to get the Path of Exile Currency needed for purchases in the first place. Patch 3.19 brought major nerfs to old staples like Seismic Trap and Detonate Dead, so Kalandra Lakers will definitely look very different.

Lightning Strike Raider – Best League Starter

Lightning Strike has always been a solid skill and has really established itself as a top pick in the Scourge League in 2021. Lightning Strike has everything you need for a melee attack, and it functions more like a ranged attack, blowing up the entire screen before monsters get close to you. However, it has some mechanical quirks you need to exploit to really make it shine.

Required Uniques: none
Helpful Uniques: Crystalized Omniscience, Atziri’s Step, Darkray Vectors, Mark of the Elder, Farrul’s Fur, Perseverance (for Champion)
Raider Ascendancies: Way of the Poacher, Avatar of the Slaughter, Quartz Infusion, Avatar of the Veil
Berserker Ascendancies: Aspect of Carnage, War Bringer, Flawless Savagery, Blitz
Champion Ascendancies: Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, Inspirational, First to Strike Last to Fall
Trickster Ascendancies: Polymath, One Step Ahead, Escape Artist, Soul Drinker
Target gear stats: Life, Spell Suppression, Evasion/Armour, Resists, Strike Skills Target 2 Additional Enemies, Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier, Elemental Damage, Attack Speed

Lightning strikes have two components; a melee hit, and three projectiles fired. A lightning strike can only hit an enemy with one of them. So if you hit a target with a melee strike, the projectile will go through them without doing damage.

You can use the “Strike Skills target 1 (or 2) Additional Enemy” to hit your opponent at the same time. You’ll get this stat from the Ancestral Summoning Support Gem or Passive Tree as you level up and then pick it up from gear.

The “Smite Skill Targets Additional Enemies” attribute causes Ancestral Spirits to appear and attack nearby enemies with melee strikes. If you have this stat and position yourself out of the melee range of a single enemy, or aim your attack slightly to their side, a soul will appear and hit them with Lightning Strike’s melee hit.

This is considered a single instance of Lightning Strike, which means that projectiles fired by your Lightning Strike instance can also deal damage to the target. This trick allows you to hit the boss twice per attack. If you’re playing Lightning Strike and find your single-target damage isn’t enough, this could be the culprit. Failure to take advantage of this mechanic reduces your damage by more than half.

Lightning Strike has a well-defined upgrade path throughout the endgame in Path of Exile. This skill easily stacks crit multipliers with Nightblade support and ultimately gets a lot of elemental penetration from Trinity support and Crystallized Omniscience. The nerfs to Crystallized Omniscience and Fragile Ailments do hurt Lightning Strike’s absolute high-end damage somewhat, but it’s still good enough for everything.

Poisonous Concoction Occultist

Poisonous Concoction remains the fastest league mapper in Lake of Kalandra. The skill lacks the weapon requirements and the unique ability to “shotgun” enemies, hitting them with multiple projectiles with a single attack, making it very easy to accumulate poison damage without investing. Poisonous Concoction characters can almost complete low level maps without equipping any gear. The Occultist ascendancy’s Profane Bloom explosions and Pathfinder’s Master Toxicist proliferation make cleanup a breeze.

Required Uniques: none
Helpful Uniques: Atziri’s Step, Embalmers, Queen of the Forest, The Covenant
Occultist Ascendancies: Profane Bloom, Malediction, Void Beacon, Withering Presence
Pathfinder Ascendancies: Master Toxicist, Nature’s Reprisal, Nature’s Adrenaline, Master Surgeon
Target gear stats: Life, Spell Suppression, Evasion/Armour, Resists, Attack Speed, Accuracy, Damage Over Time Multiplier, +1 to level of Chaos skill gems

Poisonous Concoction’s single-target damage isn’t a great late game. If you really want to farm bosses without rolling new characters, consider starting with the Occultist and then re-select Poisonous Concoction Bladfall-Blade Blast. This tried-and-true combo still has solid single-target damage, especially with the reworked Heart of Light and Oblivion unique.

Spark Inquisitor – Tankiest league starter

Inquisitor has gradually become one of the strongest dominant classes in the path of exile, and one of the strongest defense mechanisms, many builds work well on Inquisitor, including the ever-popular Righeous Fire, but Spark offers simpler Construct.

Required Uniques: none
Helpful Uniques: Nebulis, Aegis Aurora, Glorious Vanity (Doryani), Replica Soul Tether, Atziri’s Step, Thunderfist (before 6-link), Lightning Coil
Ascendancies: Sanctuary, Pious Path, Righteous Providence, Inevitable Judgement
Target gear stats: Life, Spell Suppression, Armor, Energy Shield, Evasion (if targeting Spell Suppression), Block/Spell Block (if not targeting Spell Suppression), Lightning Damage, Spell Damage, +1 to level of Lighting Skill Gems, Cast Speed, Projectile Speed, Skill Effect Duration, Pierce

Spark spawns multiple lightning projectiles that bounce off walls and change direction randomly. This skill scales well with the Inquisitor’s inherent crit and penetration abilities, allowing for many hits in quick succession with this projectile speed and skill effect duration.

Spark relies on wall bounce for maximum DPS, and your damage will be much higher in The Maven’s Crucible’s small closed boss arena than in Sirus’ large open arena. Using the new Lightning Conduit and Electric Field abilities might be an easy way to reset the Spark Tree for some extra shock effects.

Ice/Explosive Trap Saboteur

Traps allow you to deal damage to bosses by stacking traps in their intro animation and keep the map moving by throwing traps and then running before you get hit. But severely nerfed in patch 3.19, the reworked Sunblast unique also looks like a big damage boost on paper, though it may prove clunky in practice.

With Earthquake Trap nerfed, Ice Trap and Explosive Trap look like the most likely heirs to the Trap Throne. Explosive traps should have higher damage caps and can use physical damage to convert mischief. Ice Trap could be more consistent, though, and definitely smoother for leveling.

Rage Vortex Berserker

Rampage Vortex is another melee ability with mechanical sound effects. While Rampage Maelstrom lacks some of the range of Lightning Strike, the lingering vortex it leaves behind makes it one of the few melee abilities in Path of Exile that continue to deal damage as you move. You can let Raging Vortex rip and move around without losing DPS uptime. Rampage Maelstrom pretty much takes the Berserker’s edge, and you need to know how to craft or trade a solid axe before the damage really starts to rise.


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