Path of Exile Delve Builds guide

Deep Delve is the build used by all of the deepest diggers in the Blight League, but no matter how powerful your build is, if it gets hit, it dies. Please prepare enough POE Orbs, especially Exalt Orbs, it will be an in-depth study.

By using phasers, high dexterity gear, jade bottles, and temple-modified boots, you can easily increase your evasion and dodge chance to over 50%, leaving mobs with only a 10-20% chance to hit you, depending on your equipment. While this is a fairly low chance, it’s not enough to fully rely on it. Most of the rest of your defense comes from brute force.

Players don’t have to gain life or resistance on gear, so it’s easy to shoot your damage through roofs. Once you have nuts damage, you just shoot forward through the mine without getting too close to the mobs. With massive damage and a high freeze chance, you can get through most paths unscathed.

While the Frost Wall isn’t particularly useful on the path, using the Frost Wall in the actual battle at the end of the node adds a lot of defense. If you just stand behind a wall and shoot at the area, you’ll be able to do most activities with no problem.

Build the gear you need

The first and most expensive is the bow. For this build to work, you will need a dexterity stacking bow. These can be crafted using an item level 75+ Shaper Bow.

Adds X to X Cold Damage to Attacks per 10 Dexterity as your mod with a 20% chance to deal double damage. Put these two modifiers together and use as few other modifiers as possible so you can multi-modify it and add elemental penetration, increased frost damage/freeze chance, and increased frost damage.

Buying a fully crafted bow will put you in the realm of 25 Exalts. It’s a lot cheaper without the double damage modifier, but you’ll need to level up at some point.

Next is the ring. Ring of Curse Enemies with level 12 Assassin’s Mark on Hit. This can only be done by crafting the Alien Ring with an item level of at least 80. For an opal or diamond ring, modify it multiple times for maximum damage. A very cheap and good second ring is the Seal of the Elder.

For the helmet, Fractal Thoughts are required. The Scourge Arrow fires an additional pod enchantment when fully charged, The talisman will be Marlene’s Fallacy, with Bingheart ointment. The rest of the gear is anything you can get with high damage and high evasion chance.

Build the Best Gear you need

Headhunter as the belt is the most ideal equipment. Your quiver will be a Void Arrow with Bow Attacks Fire and Additional Arrow corruption. Your gloves will be Tomb Fist with +1 Max Frenzy Charge and +% Critical Strike Chance on Attacks. If you can fix this double corruption, you’ve made a fortune, which means buying it also requires an arm and a leg.

Well-rolled temple-modified boots increase dodging opportunities, and the dual-grooved Bubonic Trails are good. Watcher’s Eye with good Hated mods, maybe some Precision mods. Lastly, you’ll also need a bottled faith bottle.

Building requires a lot of work and Currency. Rare fossils start to become very common once you get past 1000 depths, and the frequency only increases. Each is worth more than a height. Fossils are all other nodes at some point, allowing you to make incredible money in a fraction of the time.

This build is very expensive and very time and effort-consuming. If you want to try, then you need to prepare accordingly in advance, of course, many players choose to get help from third-party platforms, which makes the game more interesting.

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