Path of Exile Orb Of Fusing Guide

There are a lot of different currency items in Path of Exile for players to use, PoE Orb Of Fusing is a POE Currency item that can be used to reroll links between slots on armor or weapons. Use Orb Of Fusing to change the link between sockets on an item. The color and number of sockets remain the same.

How to in PoE Orb Of Fusing

In Path of Exile, Orb Of Fusing is an uncommon poe currency item that can be dropped by killable monsters, destructible containers, and chests. They can also be found in the Arcanist’s Strongbox. Players can also use Path of Exile Chaos Orbs to buy Fusing Orb from NPC Yeena.

Farm quickly. You can place some amount of items without slowing down the clearing speed. Then the farm low-level map. and 6 slot items are your main income for the fuse. Unless you have to link a specific weapon you have because rolls matter.

Buy a linked weapon, or buy a divination card provided to you. Find out where the div card that gives you 6L drops and farm that map.

All in all, you should keep in mind that there is no targeted agriculture for integration. The more kills you get (speed), the more drops you get per kill (quantity), and the more circuit breakers you get per hour, along with other Path of Exile currency for buying circuit breakers. Anyway, don’t forget to alch your map!

How to use PoE Orb Of Fusing

Orb Of Fusing is mainly used to modify link slots on items. If an item has a quality, each 1% quality increases the result by 1%. While the odds of getting three or four linked sockets are high, the odds of getting five or six linked sockets are low, requiring hundreds or even thousands of attempts on average. So always use your Armourer’s Scraps and Blacksmith’s Whetstones before trying to get 5 or 6 links.

It takes 836 to 1244 (1000 average) fuseballs to six-slot a 6-socket, 20% qualified item with a 95% confidence interval. This means there is about a 77% chance of making six connections within 1500 fusion spheres.

And the above stats mean that using a crafting table recipe instead of using a fusion orb by hand isn’t worth it, but it’s still an alternative to avoiding randomness for risk-averse players.

For Orbs with a low drop rate, this amount is difficult for ordinary players to collect in a short time. If players want to use Orb Of Fusing, you can buy poe orbs from, there are a lot of rare POEs Orbs such as Exalted Orbs or buy Cheap Chaos Orbs, no matter which service area you are in, you can place an order to buy POE Orbs. 100% safe and fast delivery.

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