Path of Exile player development route details the production process of Cassia Sister

In a unique game development process, Path of Exile’s Kick K broke down the process of making one of Blight’s new NPCs, Casister Cassia.

In a new article on the Path of Exile forum, there is not much emphasis on the importance of POE Currency, although we know that it is essential. The main focus of the article on the Grinding Gear game is the decomposition of the thinking process of creating a new Templar, especially how they shape her style and personality. The nun who decided very early, and the fact that she will become a Templar. Nick broke her character when she wrote the script of Cassia.

Usually, he outlines the background story of the character (Templar engineer, exiled for stealing Templar resources, but still brainwashed), and when he writes the script, there will be more essential personality traits. Her habit of over-interpretation, the singing of hymns, and the healthy contempt for piety developed in the first draft or the first draft of the script.

The entire post on the forum itself is interesting, and it provides insight into the development of characters in the game, which is not common in games made by some of the largest companies in the industry. But this post ensures that readers read the entire article on the Path of Exile forum to learn about the process of bringing characters to life, adding to the player’s interest in Path of Exile. Of course, if you want to learn more information or buy POE Items and Path of Exile Orbs, you can visit the professional website of POECurrency.

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