Path of Exile’s New Expansion – How to Build Your Endgame


Path of Exile is a game in two halves – along the main storyline and a massive, non-linear Atlas Of Worlds endgame. PoE’s World Atlas is a multidimensional nexus where all things can and will happen. Grinding Gear Games aims to add new content through the free Battle for Atlas expansion pack.

Every three months, a new side story or game modifier is added to the set to help refresh the experience of completing the main story for new characters. Let’s create your own endgame experience by picking past league content and mixing it into Atlas as you go along.

Atlas has always been a more active place, going through several story arcs, each introducing new extradimensional villains to beat and pillage. In which players collect different POE Exalted Orbs to upgrade character and item levels, Siege of Atlas introduces two more, each to devour all existence.

Every map on Atlas has a bonus objective, and completing it earns a point that can be used to buy the huge skill grid of Atlas modifiers. It doesn’t change your character, it modifies what the entire atlas encounters.

If you like big battles of Legion, choose upgrades that increase the chances of Clan content appearing anywhere in your Atlas, and perks that improve the quality of the loot you get from it. Unlocking monsters and loot for different environment types, each player should ultimately have their personalized endgame.

Each new boss has a chance to drop its unique gear, and monsters in areas affected by it have a chance to drop new Eldritch currency items, which will allow you to infuse regular items with new perks of varying strengths.

The Archnemesis Alliance has four petrified mini-bosses scattered across every area of ​​the game. They can be awakened and fought by using various perks and loot modifiers that drop from normal enemies. Each successive mini-boss fought in an area has the previous mod activated.

Fighting all four means you’ll be rewarded with the first modifier 4 times, the second modifier three times, the third modifier twice, and the fourth modifier once, which may give early gamers Lots of extra gear. You don’t even need to sacrifice extra inventory space for these monster modifiers.

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