Patient Handling Equipment Market Latest Research, Analysis, Business Overview, Key Value Demand and Forecast 2027

The global patient handling equipment market is predicted to develop due to an increase in the use of patient handling equipment in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and aged care settings. The expanding elderly population and the growing patient population of chronic diseases are the two primary market influencers in the patient handling equipment market. Due to the fast expansion of chronic diseases, the number of disabled persons is increasing. To carry out their everyday activities, disabled persons require patient handling equipment. Increasing occurrences of disability will drive the market for patient handling equipment to rise significantly throughout the forecast period.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for medical beds all over the world. A growing number of individuals are being admitted to hospitals as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the number of corona cases rises around the world, governments in both developed and developing countries are being forced to expand their patient-handling capabilities. The public health systems are contributing funds to purchase the necessary hospital infrastructure, including medical beds, which are a critical prerequisite.

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Other important aspects that will favorably impact market growth include an increase in fundraising for related with patient handling equipment. For COVID-19 patients, critical care equipment such as hospital beds, ventilators, and vitals monitoring systems are used in large quantities. Various enterprises are growing their manufacturing capacity to help the healthcare sector fulfill the expanding demand for critical care items.

However, a lack of caregiver training for accessing patient handling devices and issues with manual handling of bariatric patients are two obstacles that could stymie market expansion.

Competitive Analysis

The well-known companies in the patient handling equipment market are Prism Medical UK (UK), Arjo (Sweden), Ossenberg GmbH (Germany), Hill-Rom Services Inc. (US), Invacare Corporation (US), GF Health Products, Inc. (US), Etac AB (Sweden), Joerns Healthcare LLC (US), Medline Industries, Inc. (US), McAuley Medical, Inc. (US), Handicare (Sweden), EZ Way, Inc. (US), LINET (Czech Republic), Savaria (Canada), Malvestio Spa (Italy), Stryker (US) and Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG (Germany).

Segmentation Analysis 

The segmental scrutiny of the patient handling equipment market is carried out based on Type, Product, Application, End user and Region.

  • The Type of segment of the patient handling equipment market consists of fall prevention, critical care, wound care and bariatric care.
  • The Product segment of the patient handling equipment market consists of ambulatory aids, medical beds, wheelchairs & mobility scooters, patient transfer devices, bathroom & toilet assist equipment, stretchers & transport chairs.
  • The Application segment of the patient handling equipment market consists of long-term care, mobility assistance, acute & critical care.
  • The End-user segment of the patient handling equipment market consists of hospitals and home care settings.
  • The Region segment of the patient handling equipment market consists of the Americas, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Regional Overview 

North America has the highest revenue share and is predicted to expand significantly throughout the study period. The region’s market expansion is being fueled by upgraded healthcare infrastructure and the rising prevalence of chronic disorders. During the forecast period, the market’s expansion is likely to be aided by the rising prevalence of obesity.

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During the projection period, the APAC market is expected to develop at the fastest rate. Major factors driving market expansion in Asia Pacific include an increase in MSD-related injuries to caregivers, an increase in the senior population, improvements in healthcare infrastructure, and an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Safe handling policies have been implemented in several APAC countries to prevent caregiver injuries while transferring and lifting patients. In addition, the overall expansion of economies in India, China, and Southeast Asia has further compelled key industry players to invest in this region owing to the lucrative opportunities presented by this market.

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