Pay attention to safety measures for aluminum alloy sand finding

With the development of the times, the development of aluminum alloy foundry casting is also changing with each passing day, making aluminum alloy foundry casting widely used in various priority domains, and a large number of domestic aluminum alloy sand casting factories have also emerged, but if they do not follow certain requirements during operation Operation under safety regulations is likely to lead to irreversible consequences.

Is there any way to avoid this misfortune from happening?

1. What should be done is the equipment inspection work before casting. All parts of the equipment should be strictly inspected for abnormalities, including whether the operating platform is firmly fixed; whether the water cooling system is unobstructed, etc. With this work, it can effectively avoid the cnc operation process. Critical situations that may occur due to equipment failure.

2. What should be paid attention to is the safety of personnel operation in the casting process. On this aspect, companies are required to take certain safety protection measures to reduce the losses caused by possible accidents. On the other hand, operators are also required to always pay attention to the operating conditions of the equipment. , Make appropriate treatments to possible emergencies, and avoid the harm caused by accidents to a greater extent.

After the comparison, when the casting is completed, the water cooling system should be shut down in time to prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment and bury potential safety hazards.

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