PayPal vs. Venmo: Comparison

PayPal and Venmo are two of the biggest names for digital wallets or online money transfer. Both are highly reliable and very popular, but there are some differences between them. Let’s take a look at the differences between PayPal and Venmo.

But before we start this comparison, I would like to tell you that Venmo is owned by PayPal and was launched in December 2013. So all the transactions on both services are technically handled by PayPal Inc. Now let’s move to the main topic.

International Payment Options

You can use PayPal for international payments; it works in more than 200 countries and supports 25 different currencies; on the other hand, Venmo is limited to the US only. You can’t make international payments using it.

Target Audience

PayPal can be used to transfer money for business and individual purposes, but Venmo’s true purpose is transferring small payments such as funds between friends, meal tickets, split cab rides, etc.


PayPal provides you with robust buyer and seller protections that make it an excellent choice for online purchases from strangers. On the other hand, you don’t get any kind of buyer or seller protection with Venmo as it is mostly used to transfer money with those you already know and trust.

Business Features

PayPal provides you with various business features for sellers, such as higher transfer limits, fraud protection, POS options, support for more countries, and even PayPal Business Loans for small businesses. These features make PayPal an excellent platform for business and all the people who want to sell their things online. On the other hand, you don’t get any of the business features in Venmo.

Well, PayPal and Venmo are part of the same company, but you can’t transfer your money from Venmo to PayPal or vice-versa; they are entirely separated from each other. However, you can transfer your money from Venmo to your bank account and from the bank account to PayPal. It may take a few days, but you will be able to transfer your money in this way.

That’s all I had to share about PayPal and Venmo. We have a clear winner here; that’s PayPal. However, Venmo is an excellent choice for small fund transfers. I hope you liked this comparison. Thank you for reading this article.

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