PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet

The PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet offers protection by laminar flow for PCR amplification handlings that are extremely sensitive to contamination with ease of UV decontamination and sterilization cycles.


  • Laminar Flow Cabinets are shipped fully assembled with standard power cords; no installation is required.
  • The integral UV lamp fixtures are pre-installed.
  • All filters are pre-installed, easy to access, and easy to change.
  • Products are designed for desktop use or may be installed on an optional base stand or mobile cart.
  • The high-capacity air handling system delivers a flow velocity of 0.45 m/s or 90 fpm.
  • Our PCR cabinets are constructed of steel with a microbial powder finish coating.


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a simple and inexpensive technique to make multiple copies of a targeted nucleotide sequence from a DNA sample and amplify sequences from small samples. This technique is widely used in genetics laboratories that work with DNA and RNA.

Because PCR amplification is extremely sensitive to contamination, prevention of contamination requires good laboratory practices to minimize external or cross-contamination during reagent preparation, sample preparation, and sample amplification.

Key Features

  • Provides sterile work zone for aseptic techniques.
  • Air cleanliness meets ISO Class 5.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting.
  • Vertical laminar airflow with HEPA filtration.
  • Equipped with a germicidal UV lamp to create light emission conditions known to provide safe decontamination.
  • 360-degree visibility with UV absorbing polycarbonate construction.


Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet provides a sterile work zone through a purified air that travels in a horizontal, unidirectional stream and leaves the main work chamber across the entire open front of the cabinet.


  • Plant tissue culture
  • Media plate preparation
  • Electronics inspection
  • Medical device assembly


Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet provides sample protection as purified air travels across the working zone of the cabinet in a vertical, unidirectional stream and leaves the main work chamber across the entire open front of the cabinet. Most vertical laminar flow benches also have perforations at the back wall of the work zone which are designed to eliminate air turbulence and the possibility of dead air corners in the work zone.


  • Microbiology (non-pathogenic)
  • Forensics
  • Sterile product compounding


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