Peak Design Travel Tripod: Accessories That Define This Tailor-Made Photography Essential

For years, tripods have been considered unnecessary bulk that takes so much space to fit in. Thus, to redefine and reframe traditional tripods’ features, Peak Design Travel Tripod has been radically designed to rethink and adjust to “what a go-anywhere tripod looks like.” It is the most packable and easy to set up a tripod. It will eventually enhance your photography adventures with more functionality and versatility.

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is an ultra-light tripod which is available in both carbon and aluminum versions. The only difference lies in their weight at the stabilization effect; the aluminum fiber weighs more than the carbon fiber, whereas the carbon fiber produces a 20% more stabilized effect.  To add more to its functionalities, it offers several types of accessories for the Tripod to protect your new investment from dirt, sand & water.

Shoulder Straps

Before gaining immense success in designing portable and handy, Tripods Peak Design was a Camera Strap Company, so they have incorporated all the best qualities in it. Peak Design Travel Tripod has specifically two anchors, which allows you to sling both your camera and Tripod over your shoulder simultaneously. And with the Quick Release System, you can quickly and securely attach your camera straps, remove straps when not needed, or switch straps for different scenarios.

3rd Party Ball Head

The Peak Design Travel Tripod has an in-built ball head which only works for the mid-sized camera loads. But you might end up using your favourite ball head, so in that case, you can purchase the Peak Design Universal Head Adapter, it eventually removes the entire build-in head and provides you a flat platform with a 3/8″16 screw on it.

Ultralight Tabletop Conversion Kit

Among all the lightest Tripods available in the market, if you still want to go with something more portable and light, then the Ultra-light conversion kit is the best option. It gives you a completely new set of legs that you can easily connect to your Tripod after removing the expandable legs attached to it. The Carbon tripod weighs 0.77kg after the installation in ultra-light mode, whereas; the aluminum tripod weighs 0.854 kg in ultra-light mode.

Foot Spikes

The company offers you Foot Spikes, as an optional accessory, which might cost you around $30 they are cheap but adds friction on slippery surfaces like ice, dirt, and gravel. Extremely light in weight and smartly designed, these Foot Spikes are easy to carry and very compact to handle.

Tragopan Avocet Tripod Waders

Acknowledging that salty ocean water or dirty water can cause huge damage to your Tripods legs, the toughest task is to clean the dirt from your Tripods legs. So, while immersing the legs of your Tripod into the water, consider using Tragopan Avocet Tripod Waders to protect them. These Tripod waders are completely water-resistant, and their functionality is spot on in this field.

Tripod Bag

Spending thousands on a Tripod is a tough task, but taking good care of it is a much bigger task for a lifetime. The bag comes with the Tripod, it is handy minimal, and you can attach or detach the shoulder straps according to your wish. It protects your Tripod from all sorts of dings and scratches.

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