PEEK machining

PEEK has excellent mechanical machining performance. Most of the machining processes are suitable for PEEK, but there are certain differences in cutting amount, feed speed, and tool selection:

  1. Turning. For turning of pure PEEK, you only need to pay attention to cooling, but for modified PEEK , you need to pay attention to tool wear and cooling, and you must also pay attention to the single cutting amount should not exceed 0.5mm, otherwise Prone to excessive cutting heat and material deformation
  2. For milling peek machining, the clamping method of the main parts is needed to avoid deformation caused by clamping. Also need to pay attention to the control of glitches
  3. For grinding machining, only small batches need to pay attention to controlling the material on the grinding wheel to prevent excessive accumulation. In addition, for large batches, it is best to use machining plastic special grinding wheels.

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