PeeSafe: A Personal and Intimate Care Brand

With the increasing number of UTI cases and the unhygienic conditions of public restrooms in India, led to the formation of the brand, PeeSafe. In order to eradicate the problems that comes with using unhygienic bathrooms, the founder of the brand, Vikas Bagaria, introduces the brand, so that people feel more comfortable in using public washrooms.

After ensuring that people now have a clean and hygienic toilet experience with the PeeSafe sprays like toilet seat sanitizer sprays, the brand starts focussing on women intimate care.

With often women facing strong to medium menstrual cramps that can last for hours, the  Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief is a natural pain reliever with Pudina satva and Eucalyptus oil that provides instant relief along with a soothing fragrance.

Along with sanitary pads, there are also other variety of PeeSafe pads offered by the brand like sweat pads, breast pads, maternity pads, Biodegradable panty liners, etc. All these are a perfect solution to women intimate as well as personal care.

With the increasing concern of pollution and its adverse effects on health, the brand introduces PeeSafe pollution mask that filters out 95% of the toxins present in the air with the help of the 4 effective filter layers of the mask. Also, the mask is a N95 Grade Mask, which makes it wearable for longer duration without the person feeling suffocated.

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