Pei bar can maintain high strength at high temperature

Pei rods have excellent dielectric properties until the temperature reaches 260 degrees. And can resist energy rays, corrosion and other important properties. It is a high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic, with a high glass transition temperature (155 ° C) and melting point (334 ° C). The heat-transformation temperature under load is as high as 335 ° C (30% glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced grade), which can be long-term at 250 ° C Compared with other high temperature resistant plastics such as PTFE and PPO, the upper temperature limit is nearly 50 ℃ higher. PEI rods not only have better heat resistance than other high temperature resistant plastic machining, but also have high strength, high modulus, high fracture toughness, and Excellent dimensional stability and radiation resistance;

The machining pei bar can maintain high strength at high temperature. It has a bending strength of about 24 MPa at 200 ° C and a bending strength and compressive strength of 12 to 13 MPa at 250 ° C. The pei resin has greater rigidity and dimensional stability. Good performance, small coefficient of linear expansion, very close to metal aluminum materials; excellent chemical resistance, in common chemicals, only concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve or destroy it, its corrosion resistance is similar to nickel steel At the same time, it has flame retardancy, releases less smoke and toxic gases under flame conditions, and has strong radiation resistance; pei rods have good toughness and excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress, which is the most outstanding of all plastics. Comparable with alloy materials; pei rods have outstanding tribological properties, excellent sliding wear resistance and fretting wear resistance, especially can maintain high wear resistance and low friction coefficient at 260 ° C;

Pei machining has excellent comprehensive properties, good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and excellent chemical resistance, making it the most versatile advanced plastic.

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