People Who are Most Likely to Have Painful Periods

Are you tired of having painful periods? Does your menstrual pain feel like an excruciatingnear death experience? We understand, we’ve been there. Menstrual cramps are extremely hard to deal with, and most of us are always searching for new remedies for immediate period pain relief.

Something to keep in mind is that more women than you think probably suffer from acute menstrual pain; you are not alone.

1. If your mother or your aunt had extremely painful periods then it is possible that you will also have painful periods. You must check with all your female relatives about whether they had painful periods or not.

2. It has been noticed that people who started getting periods before or at the age of eleven are also more likely to have extremely painful menstrual cramps. So, if you have painful periods and started getting them early then now you know the reason behind it.

3. Some studies have shown that females who smoke can also have painful periods. This is because smoking directly affects periods and can worsen your period pain even more (which we definitely don’t want!)

4. Have you noticed that the flow during your periods is always heavy? This can also cause you to have painful periods. Flow also affects our period pain and we may experience more pain when the flow is heavy.

5. If you are someone that does not have a regular menstrual cycle then you are at a higher risk of having painful periods as compared to others. You must consult your doctor if you get irregular periods.

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