Pep Guardiola left shocking praise for Julian Alvarez and sent a message to Marcelo Gallardo

The Manchester City coach praised the recent Argentine signing and referred to the River Plate coach
Every time Josep Guardiola stops to talk in depth about a topic, football’s ears explode. This time the Manchester City boss gave an exclusive interview with ESPN in which he referred to several personalities from Argentina. From Sergio Aguero, who directed him in the cast of The Citizen, to his latest signature Julian Alvarez and his co-stars Marcelo Gallardo and Marcelo Bielsa.

“The first thing I can say is we didn’t do anything wrong, and that’s the greatest thing. We said he was a great boy, which is something we checked, he’s quite a team player, where you can see by the effort he puts in and then the boy has one thing that he has A goal, when he’s near the area he has between the brow and the goal brow. I think he was an exceptional signature, he’s going to be here for many years, he’s going to stay and he’s going to help us a lot because he can play with a lot of focus, he can play a little more sideways, in wing positions towards the inside,” Kahn The first Pep evaluation of Julian Alvarez.


Later he thanked Gallardo: “We will benefit from all the work he has done with River and hopefully we can add something to his game, to understand him in a different way and that he is able to grow. And above all, be happy here. People who are coming new from the other side From the pond, so far away, they sometimes have a hard time adapting. As a club and as people with it, what we want is for him to be good, to fit in well, and I’m sure he will. Manchester City have made a great signing.”

One of the best strategists in world football today is a tie between City and the two most important clubs in Argentina: “I am convinced of one thing: Julian came from a great team. The big team always has a demand, like River or Boca, that you win, you win tomorrow and you win tomorrow. These are vaccinated Things are in the head, in the player’s soul, so when you receive it, we thank River for the training they gave him. You also buy that, not only the qualities, but also the mentality of a great team that is not worth losing. You can lose, but it is not worth it. So You have to reveal yourself when things aren’t going well, and I’m sure Julian has that.”

On the other hand, he announced that he could form a striker with Erling Haaland: “If we play with very open wings I see it more difficult, when we play with more closed wings he can adapt. I have no doubts.” He continued: “It has adapted already, and it has shown that it has really adapted against America. In the training sessions that we saw before traveling to the United States to play against America, it was already seen. The good needs half an afternoon, he has already done it. Quickly because they adapt and understand quickly and football is world class. Who knows how to play knows how to play. The scorer is Argentina’s top scorer as in England. A rogue is a rogue in Argentina and here. Whether he does it right or wrong, who knows. But the subject of adaptation in this domain already.”

The best phrases from the Josep Guardiola interview

About Kon Aguero: “In football there are many things, but above all the passion, Sergio’s goal helped win the Premier League, those feelings he generated, obviously his teammates, but one has to score, which is the most difficult and he succeeded. Beyond the numbers, his legacy in the locker room, on the field, many things, irreplaceable, insurmountable, he’s been there for many years. He has the best numbers as a striker here, after he got injured, he’s our legend.”

“It happens sometimes, when you’re a footballer, you don’t get along, you don’t give the ball to any journalist and when you retire you’re there. I’m glad he’s here because he loves football. If golf allows, because I know he’s tired of golf now. He plays golf. Every day and it will definitely improve there in Miami.When we arrived,we went to Swansea,and spent a few days on vacation and played golf together.He already told me he liked it.I’m glad you play sports,golf takes up a lot of your time,it’s fun and that in your spare time you can Participation in the world of football, because it is better to talk about the game, about the players, than someone who has been there and knows what it is. The contribution that Sergio will make is very good.”

On Marcelo Bielsa: “We talked about Calvin Phillips two or three years ago, he was the first or second who was in Leeds and he told me about him. He seemed like a very good player, at the time he said I didn’t think it was for you, but obviously Marcelo helped him. The player always has merit but Marcelo makes the players better and helped him go to the English team to be a player

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