Perang Baccarat New Game

Pokerv sites have launched a new game ” Perang Baccarat “. This baccarat war game is not much different from domino99 games. For those of you who have already played Dominoqq certainly will not have difficulty in playing it. But the difference is this game you can choose the Bandar / Banker Baccarat card or the Player Baccarat card. Still confused? Following the admin give an explanation well about this Baccarat War game.

New PKV Games, Baccarat War?

1. Value of Baccarat Card
Just like other pkv games, the value of the cards in this guarantee are as follows:

As: Has a value of 0
10, J, Q, K: has a value of 0
2 to 9: have values ​​according to each number
The highest value is 9 and the lowest is 0

2. Regulation of Baccarat
This Baccarat War Game involves two parties, namely the bookie and bankers and also the players. There are 8 tables where one of the players will automatically become a banker, if the player meets the requirements to be banked. If there are other players who also meet the requirements to become bankers, then players who meet the requirements will take turns being bankers (requirements differ depending on the table chosen in play). The main objective in this baccarat war game is to get a value of 9, if there are more than 1 player who has a value of 9, then the player will tie / draw. The banker does not win if the score is the same.

3. Game Baccarat
In the baccarat game, the banker and player will be dealt with each of the 2 cards initially which will add up to get the highest value of 9. If the combination of cards is small, you can add 1 card to add value or can decrease the value on the number such as:

Value 0-3 (small value), it is recommended to add a card
Value 4-6 (small to medium value), may be added may or may not
Value 7 (medium value), it is recommended not to add cards
Value 8-9 (large value), do not add cards
4. Tips
It is recommended to play on a small table beforehand to deepen the knowledge of the game of war baccarat, always see opportunities and make careful calculations in order to win the game.

Thus information about the baccarat war game. Hopefully the article can add to your knowledge about this new game.

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