Perfect diary founder has good durability and color retention

Many of the perfect diary founders are suitable for oil skin, but this perfect diary founder is designed for dry skin. Dry skin girls must try it. It is called goddess liquid foundation, also known as inverse age liquid foundation.

The gloss of perfect diary founder is very good, which is similar to that of zelens in the UK. It has the effect of moisturizing and brightening makeup, and the skin is transparent and bright. The base makeup is very energetic and looks good. Then, it is light and breathable, and it fits the skin after application, making the face comfortable and free of feeling and burden.

Perfect diary founder has a good moisturizing effect. Like Qinshui, it contains compound essence, so it is very moisturizing. Dry skin can be moisturized all day in winter, and will not be pulled out and peeled. It is not sticky in summer.

Perfect diary founder has good durability and color retention, and the makeup is still complete at the end of the day. The texture is thick, but the ductility is good. It can be pushed and applied well. B10 ivory white or B20 off white is recommended on the color number. The two color numbers look very white. It is natural to apply them on the face, which is the effect of white, shiny and cream skin.

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