Perfect diary set combines essence water

For those who have difficulty in choosing skin care products, the skin care product perfect diary set is really very convenient. There is no need to bother with matching. The perfect diary set can solve the basic and advanced skin care needs in many aspects. Using the same effect skin care products can also achieve a better experience of skin care efficacy to a certain extent.

Perfect diary set combines essence water, essence milk, face cream and eye cream to focus on anti-aging and bullet proof skin care effects. The collagen growth peptide can promote the production of collagen in the skin. It assists in purified nicotinamide, protects collagen activity, helps repair skin damage, and brightens skin texture. Add hyaluronic acid and glycerin to essence water, double moisturizing ingredients, penetrate into the stratum corneum and fill with water content.

After face cream is applied, a micron level water locking net is formed on the skin surface to achieve a long-term moisturizing and moisturizing feeling. The whole set of skin care products is more suitable for dry skin and mixed skin.

First apply essence water to regulate the moisture smoothness of the cuticle; Then apply creamy essence to stabilize the skin barrier structure and improve the skin absorption; Through the face cream, it can increase the sense of moisture and filling, deepen the infiltration of collagen peptides, and improve the skin firmness.

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