Perfect diary slim lipstick has strong coloring power

Perfect diary slim lipstick has strong coloring power, full color and strong hiding power. I think this is the biggest feature of perfect diary slim lipstick. The color applied on the lips is really excellent and beautiful. In addition, the moisturizing degree is particularly good, and the lips won’t get stuck when applied.

Perfect diary slim lipstick 16 is the most popular color and may be the best looking tomato red. Different from the bright red of 999, it is dark red, which is better matched and has an aura. It has a slight chocolate flavor. This color code is especially suitable for yellow skin. People with a dull complexion like me can roar without makeup, and there is no pressure to make up. White skin is also very suitable. In short, there is no risk in starting with people, environment and makeup.

Many girls don’t know how to choose between No. 15 and No. 16. No. 15 is orange, which is more energetic, but it is difficult to match. I recommend No. 16, which looks good in any way. If you like orange, I recommend other brands.

Perfect diary slim lipstick is a very typical bean paste color. I think it is light bean paste and rose bean paste. The appearance of the small blue tube shell is OK. I like the design of the magnetic cover. The color is very white, versatile, gentle, and really friendly to the yellow skin.

Perfect diary slim lipstick belongs to the natural and good-looking lipstick series with daily color. It will not be too publicized as a whole, and is relatively restrained and low-key.

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