Persona 5 Royal: How to Locate and Beat The Reaper

The Reaper is the most dominant villain of Persona 5 Royal that can take down a single player time effortlessly. Morgana is the one who brought the Reaper to players while visiting through Mementos. Morgana also advised players to avoid the Reaper at every cost because engagement with him could lead them to death. Well, there are several villains in Persona 5 Royal but no one is like The Reaper. He contains destructive power and high level of energy that makes him strong. However, defeating it will be reward through some special prizes and trophy. The Reaper will completely defeat in total three terms that make him extremely aware and power till the end session.

Persona 5 Roya-How to Locate and Beat The Reaper

First things first, for defeating the Reaper entering the Mementos is the first objective to do. After reaching there, start looking and exploring at the floor for looking at the sign of the Reaper. Morgana will loudly call for the sound of the rattling chain, and that means Reaper has been emerged anywhere in there. The design of Reaper is creepy, and it will not be hard for players to recognize it. However, the fight will not be easy with the Reaper, and eventually, if players don’t kill him before the third session, he will kill the player.

While stepping in the deadly fight with the Reaper, remembering one thing is essential, which is to level up themselves at least 60 because till then, several things will be maxed out. Keep powerful weapons to use with durable armor to support in battle. Keep the health store system ready to save teammates from being dead. Reaper can use tricks like dropping the divine pillar in the last, but if players already have it, then just equip it. Divine pillar is dangerous, and when the enemy is using it, then there is no chance of avoiding it. Enemy focuses on both offensive and defensive ways, so in the condition of attacking, players can get down the effect of attack by using the healer’s ability to save a knocked teammate. The only thing that players don’t have to stop is not to stop attacking the Reaper until defeated. The reward of defeating Reaper is “A Unique Rebel” trophy that has a huge, unique experience.

Defeating the Reaper would take time and some tries, but keep attacking and saving the teammate, and your victory will be definite. There a small storyline and also room added, which is Thieves Den that players can see the image, demo, and promos collection. Persona 5 Royal is not a small and easy game; however, it takes much time to complete completely. There are plenty of interesting things are available, just like weapons, boss, teammates, and abilities. These are part of the game and really an adaptive thing that most of the players love to get into. The storyline is perfectly crafted, and every character has their own story to tell.

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