Personal protective equipment in healthcare

As you know, the medical staff is at the highest risk of infection because they come into contact with carriers of infections and viruses almost every day. In order to protect themselves from infection, employees of medical institutions are required to use special personal protective equipment – medical suits and gowns, masks, glasses, gloves, etc.


Personal protective equipment is medical preparations, materials, and special means intended for use in emergencies to prevent damage or reduce the effect of damaging factors and prevent complications.


There are special requirements for Personal protective equipment in healthcare, the most important of which is efficiency: these means must ensure the maximum level of safety of health workers.


Protective masks 


These masks are worn during procedures, manipulations, and surgical interventions. Medical-surgical masks have 4 protective layers and serve several important functions:


  • Protection of the surgeon and the patient from microorganisms that spread through the respiratory tract;
  • They prevent moisture retention in the mask;
  • Protect the surgeon’s face from the ingress of various biological fluids that may be sprayed during the operation.


If there is a long operation ahead, doctors use special disposable masks with a breathing valve. There are also surgical masks with a protective fog shield. Such a screen does not create glare, distorts the picture, or spoils the eyesight.


Eye protection


When a doctor performs medical manipulations or performs an operation, there is a risk of dust, optical radiation, small particles, and chemicals getting into the eyes. Therefore, when carrying out hazardous medical work, you need to use eye protection equipment.


Hand protection


Personal protective equipment in healthcare includes hand gloves use to protect against transmission of tuberculosis infection by contact. Medical gloves are made of different materials and have different uses. However, they must always be worn without fail when examining biological fluids, examining the patient’s mucous membranes and skin for any medical manipulations. Medical gloves are made from natural (latex) and synthetic materials.


These protective devices reduce the risk of transmission of various transient pathogens from the medical staff to the patient. Even with gloves, the tactile sensitivity of the fingertips should be maintained. Do not wear gloves that have expired – they break easily.


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