Personalized Athletic Socks

Personalized Athletic Socks


Sports socks are very important to athletes. Athletic players have a unique relationship with their shoes, and they also have a lot to say about how socks give them comfort, protection, and traction.

In addition, the tradition of wearing socks in the sports game is an important ritual for the players, including some special habits, such as wearing more than two layers of socks, one high and one low length socks, or the socks focus on the ankles.

Elite socks are very suitable for sports teams. Customized elite logo socks can be designed with all balls team’s logo, slogans, teammates, and everything they want to display, it fully shows the team’s spiritual outlook and also plays a good advertising effect.

Athletic sports socks are not very hot in summer because of their fluffy knitting process and cotton’s good breathability. Instead, they could help to absorb sweat and perspiration, anti-slipping, and keep comfortable and hygienic when exercising.

The fact that the foot does not slip in the shoes is critical to the performance of the basketball player, allowing him to use the appropriate grip to complete the cut and jump. Customized elite sport socks have a non-slip grip and are designed to provide the athlete with proper protection and good ventilation through a targeted area cushioning design.

Sometimes elite socks are not only worn on the court. First of all, they provide protection for the Achilles tendon and the ankle. In addition to the protective effect, there are also beautiful effects. Long elite sport socks can cover the protective gear, which is convenient to appear in different styles, giving people a feeling of bright eyes.

Types of custom elite sport socks
The toughest part to be considered for different types of outdoor activities are on the feet, especially when you enter to different kinds of sports, that is why the athletic sports socks that could ensure the feet to be comfortable are so important.

According to technology difference, custom basketball socks are divided into:
a. Custom Knit Elite Sport Socks
b. Custom Sublimation/Printed Elite Sport Socks

According to the terry/cushion position differences, custom elite sport socks are divided into:
a. Full Terry/Cushion custom elite logo socks
b. Half Terry/Cushion custom elite logo socks
c. Select Terry/Cushion custom elite logo socks

According to gender difference, custom sport socks will be divided into:
a. Men Elite Sport Socks
b. Women Elite Sport Socks

According to ages range, they are divided into three rough types:
a. Adult Elite Sport Socks
b. Youth/Teenager Athletic Socks
c. Kid Elite Logo Socks

Besides the above classification, custom elite sport socks also could be divided according to materials differences, sport games differences, etc.

It may be a bit difficult to determine which socks are perfect for your foot during basketball games with huge numbers of personliazed socks to choose from in the markets. Pls, don’t miss wearing basketball socks if you want to play a basketball game. They are the types of socks that are well protected and gives comfort to your feet.

1.Following are some primary aspects of choosing designed elite sport socks for reference:
a. Custom Cotton Elite Sport Socks
b. Custom Polyester Elite Sport Socks
c. Custom Acrylic Elite Sport Socks
d. Custom Wool Elite Sport Socks
e. Custom Coolmax Elite Sport Socks

Nylon/Spandex/Elastic is always used together with the above main materials for custom elite sport logo socks.

The length will affect the prices of custom elite sport socks, pls customize the sizes depending on the specific length you want.

Prices are usually based on the design, length, and materials of customized elite athletic socks, also could give your target price range to customer managers so that they could recommend a better solution for you.

Multiple colors are supported for each design, pls give Pantone color numbers (PMS) to match the same/similar yarns from the factory’s yarn books.

Design formats:
PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.

Other requirements:
If having any special requirements, pls remark them too for your customer managers’ reference.

2. The notices & rules to choose elite sport socks for the sport team
a. Functions aspects:
1) Choose the elite sport socks which are better to wear, not grind your feet, and comfortable to do an emergency stop, run, and other actions, etc.
2) Choose the elite sport socks which are with the properties of anti-slip, moisture-wicking, good elasticity & durability, it could help to protect your ankle and have a strong sweat absorption.

b. Materials aspects
1) Elite sport knit socks
Better to choose cotton sport socks for the basketball team. Pure cotton material is soft, absorbs sweat, and feels comfortable to wear, especially in outings.
2) Elite sport printed socks
Usually, these printed socks are made of polyester, which is easy to print colorful patterns on the socks to appear vivid effect.

c. Elastic aspects
Choose the elite sport socks which are better sporting elasticity is much crucial for ball teams. Good elastic socks will not slip and comfortable for players to cut & jump during the court or competitions.

d. Thickness aspects
There is a misunderstanding that the thicker the basketball socks are, the better to wear them. Actually, socks are not as thick as possible. It will be better to choose the thickness of Elite socks according to specific circumstances. Generally speaking, those who are prone to sweating should choose a slightly thicker; otherwise, choose a slightly thinner one. In addition, if the ankle is injured, you should wear thick socks to fix and protect the ankles.

Ball games are a simple yet exciting type of game that can be played with little equipment such as basketball, football, etc. But it is still crucial to wear elite sport socks especially for those who are more serious during ball games and competitions. Basic elite logo socks could help players to enhance their playing skills at the same time protect their foot against foot injuries.

So It is so principal to choose a reliable supplier to customize basketball socks for the teams. YINUO is a professional socks manufacturer for custom elite sport socks, with 9+ years of customized experiences & more than 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets. For each custom elite sock inquiry, we will have a professional customer manager serve for you and do the specific custom sock solution according to your detailed requirements.

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