Personally I am not bothered with this

Just lots more common occurrences. Because yet another player is having the”hating pineapple pizza is trendy” conversation. Is. Going. On Animal Crossing Items.” Yeah convinced that was amusing the first 10 days it occurred in early December.

Photos of this Switch


Personally I am not bothered with this. I spoil the bejeezus out of myself every time an upgrade drops and somebody goes into datamine all of the new assets even if they are still time-locked. I enjoy knowing what is coming so that I could best prepare for this. The one thing that disturbs me about time-traveling is if somebody posts about”eventually” achieving something that’s ONLY possible through time-travel, such as getting all of the zodiac items, but we are pretty much beyond the point of being a problem now.


These do not bother me at all, and buy Animal Crossing Bells that I can confidently say they aren’t submitted to make someone sad about death but to recall and celebrate a loved one’s lifestyle. When someone posts about a villager visiting their grandma’s memorial, for instance, I simply consider it as posting about the way they feel their grandmother is using them, and it is a happy thing.

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