Steps To Choose an Exemplary Persuasive Essay Topic

Step 1: Choose a Topic You are Passionate About

You will need to carry out an extensive research at Persuasive essay topics
which you are more likely to do when you are passionate about a subject.

Step 2: Brainstorm Before You Start Writing

Jot down everything that comes to your mind – good or bad. You can always go back to your list and pick the idea that interests you the most.

Persuasive essay topics

Step 3: Avoid Overdone Topics

Try avoiding overdone topics, or try refurbishing them.

Step 4: Choose an Accessible Topic

It shouldn’t be overused, but it also shouldn’t be rare
Don’t make the mistake of choosing something that is rare. You will have difficulty finding relevant research material.

Step 5: Find a topic with an edge

A topic with an edge discusses a problem that is still unsolved. In short, a topic with an edge means, it should be debatable.

Step 6: Formulate a thesis statement

You must formulate a strong thesis statement; it is usually one or two sentences long. A thesis statement is the answers the research question and defines the purpose of your topic.


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