Phasmophobia: How to Find the Dirty Water

While playing Phasmophobia and exploring haunted areas, players will be asked to complete some objectives. Some of the objectives are pretty simple, while some of the objectives will make the players scratch their heads. There’s a task in Phasmophobia that asks the players for a picture of dirty water. Simply by seeing the mission, it doesn’t look much complex, but it is slightly tricky to complete without knowing the dirty water location.

Phasmophobia is based on scary elements, and the haunted house in the game contains dirty toilets, dirty water, and dirty sinks. But after all these things, players will also find some supernatural elements in Phasmophobia. In the game, players have to hunt down the ghost, and they need to manipulate the spirit to make dirty water.

There are a few ways to complete this mission, but you have to make the ghost angry in all ways. It’s a risky task, but at the same time, you have to complete this mission as well. So here is the guide to meet this objective.

As mentioned above, to take a picture of dirty water, you have to make the ghost angry and let it turn on the sink. You can also turn on the sink, but only clear water will come out by doing it. However, if the ghost turns on the sink, the corrupt and dirty water will come out. So keep this thing in mind, and find the sink in the house. Sinks are located in several areas, like the bathroom and kitchen. Once you find the location of the sink, make sure to remember it during the process.

You can make the ghost angry in a couple of ways. The first one is by making a lot of noises. You can also make the spirits mad by giving answers to their questions. Turning the lights off and on rapidly also makes the ghost angry. However, the fastest way to make the ghost angry is to call out its name but to do this, and you have to find its full name first. If you don’t know the name of the ghost, use the Ouija Board to learn its name.

Once you make the ghost angry, try to avoid any close contact and maintain a distance. Move to the area where the sink is located and let the ghost turn on the faucet. Once you see the dirty water in the sink, use the camera and take a picture of it. Taking the picture is pretty simple, but you have to be careful once you make the ghost angry. Ghosts can do anything, which is why you have to be cautious once you make a ghost angry.


Phasmophobia is packed with plenty of tasks. While playing the game and exploring the haunted house, players will receive plenty of missions. However, the objective and challenges of every mission are different. Missions like taking a picture of dirty water consume less time, but making the ghost angry is the most challenging part where players have to survive. Players can try any method to make the ghost angry, and once they succeed, they need to get to the area where the sink exists. Phasmophobia is currently available on PC.

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