Phitsanulok City Raising chickens for additional income The breed is always evolving. until production is not enough to sell

Gamecocks or native chickens It is another pet that has received the attention of Thai people. because it can be seen from every region that there is a wide feast which some people who are interested in raising some gamecocks for extra income But when fed and did what he loved making it possible to expand the farming until it becomes the main occupation and generates good income as well as giving sincerity to customers who like to raise gamecocks like themselves

Mr. Therdsak Chanchalermnawee, residing at 98/4 Village No. 4, Phai Kho Don Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phitsanulok Province He started raising cocks because he liked him since he was a child. When I had the opportunity, I started raising it as a supplementary career that I could do along with my full-time job. Create happiness after finishing work every day.

Mr. Therdsak Chanchalermnawee
cockfight pet

is an interested pet

Mr. Therdsak tell me that When I was a child and was free from school holidays during the weekends. Will spend those holidays to raise gamecocks. And when training the cocks that are well raised, they will lead them to fight with their friends. After growing up moved to another area far from his hometown Therefore, we have to stop raising your favorite gamecocks as well. And after graduation, he returned to work in his hometown again. And it was the starting point for him to start raising cocks again.

kindergarten area
“When we had the opportunity to come back home after graduation When there is a fixed job I still want to follow my own dreams by coming to start raising gamecocks again By starting to make a small farm first, around 2017, collect money together with cousins ​​to build a farm together. When experimenting and breeding, the culture continues to develop. can be generated as income Made it as a supplementary occupation since then until now.” Mr. Therdsak Tell about the origins of raising cocks.

Breeds of fighting chickens

have to go through a collision from the field

For the breed of gamecocks that are raised within the farm. Mr. Therdsak said that he will select and bring in a good breed of gamecock. Into the farm, for ไก่ชนอินเตอร์ example, the fighting cocks must have been hit from the field before. As for the hens, they must be hens with breeds that make hundreds of millions of dollars. to mix together with the prepared breeder To get a good breed of fighting chicks

breeding ground
“Initially invest Born from the gathering of cousins ​​and 4 close friends, each 10,000 baht, the initial money for raising the first gamecock 40,000 baht. come into the farm and some belong to the existing individual We brought them together. Mating pairs in a way that we have knowledge. The number of gamecocks began to increase. And there are customers who see when we bring chickens to fight in various fields. There were people who were interested, so they contacted me to buy. As a result, now the gamecocks in our farm are barely able to produce and sell them,” said Mr. Therdsak.

The principle of breeding gamecocks to obtain quality chicks Must choose a breeder older than 1 year old. The broiler has some experience in the field. Breeding with breeders aged 8-9 months by releasing broiler and broiler chickens to a 1×2 meter detention area, released in a ratio of 1 brood for 3-4 broodstock.

chickens released into the herd
When noticing that the mother has been successfully fertilized. The gamecock breeder will be separated from the cage immediately. Then wait for the female to lay eggs and incubate for about 21 days. The chicks from the mother will be separated into the nursery cages prepared. At this stage, chicks are fed ready-to-eat food for 1 month, and then move into the soil with the herd.

“Once we nurse the chicks until they reach the age of 1 month, we will let them into the herd for another 3 months. Then we segregated the males and females. The leader is raised separately. After about 8 months, the male cocks will begin to have full wing feathers. After that, we will train him to fight. There is a sun bath for the chickens. and randomly separated Take it out to dry in the sun. available to eat medicine and make vaccines When we practice until everything is complete will be able to bring the chickens into the fighting field in the next step The gamecock will be around 1 year old and ready to be sold,” said Mr. Therdsak.

Chickens that have been picked and put in a separate coop
customer contact to buy

saw chickens from the battlefield

In the matter of marketing for the distribution of gamecocks. Mr. Therdsak said that most customers who contact to buy gamecocks in the farm will see chickens from fighting in various fields. If you want to have it for yourself, they will contact you to buy it at the farm. Because the gamecocks in the farm focus on Burmese lines, so customers are quite fond of chickens in this tactic.

“The price of gamecocks at my farm Ready to crash The price is 3,000-5,000 baht each. customers to develop and raise their own The price is 1,500-2,500 baht per bird, while the breeder with eggs is priced at 500-1,000 baht per bird, and for customers who want to buy a pair of males and females together as a young chicken, it is 2,500 per pair. -3,000 baht, which the gamecocks in the garden farm, customers have different preferences We will create a variety of markets to meet the needs of customers to choose to buy.” Mr. Therdsak Explain the principles of marketing

A complete gamecock is ready to enter the field.
For those who are interested in raising gamecocks that are born out of passion. and want to start first entering this industry Mr. Therdsak suggested that in the beginning, you must have the intention of wanting to raise first. without thinking of following the trend that he is raising money and wanting to do like him because the cocks in the first raising Marketing cannot be done immediately. Later, when the raising was successful in order Chicken that never died was able to develop more and more nurturing Learn about breeding gamecocks at good quality farms. In terms of marketing, it will definitely come in.

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