Phitsanulok Raising and breeding white-tailed yellow chickens do a variety of marketing make good money

Native chicken or gamecock It is another bird that has been raised in our house for a long time. It is the way of life of the people in the provinces as well. Quite familiar with raising native chickens very much. Because the native chickens, if not raised to create a gamecock Some houses were raised to feed the household food scraps. After raising for a while when the chicken is fully grown. It can be consumed as food as well. And when raising the breed until there are more market for sale. by selling as a beautiful native chicken And creating broiler chickens for consumption also generate income.

Mr. Supakit Bansen

Ms. Supakit Bansen, residing at 33/10 Village No. 11, Hua Ro Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phitsanulok Province He is a farmer who has been fond of raising cocks since childhood. especially the yellow-tailed fighting cock It is a famous chicken and is well known to the people of Phitsanulok Province. When he had the opportunity to raise him, he always had time to raise. His daily life is all about this breed of gamecock. and when he grew up after graduating Therefore, it has been raising and developing breeds of yellow-tailed gamecocks continuously. Make a career to make money until today and will continue to do so with love and spread it to the next generation

Grandpa is a teacher

Instructor to raise gamecocks

kindergarten area

selected chicken taken into custody separately, waiting to be sold

Supakit said that When I was a kid, ไก่ชนอินเตอร์ I was like waking up late during the holidays when I didn’t go to school. So Grandfather came up with a gift that wanted him to wake up early. Therefore, the raising cocks were brought to practice fighting so that he would wake up from the bed to see early in the morning. Therefore, he was accustomed to every holiday that he had to raise gamecocks. When I grew up, I had the opportunity to go see the gamecock contest in various places. in Phitsanulok Province and saw that there was a yellow and white fighting cock as the main breed of chicken that people liked to bring to the contest When he came back home and realized that his grandfather’s chickens also had this breed. Therefore, it was the starting point for him to seriously study and raise since then.

“When we found out that the chicken that Grandfather raised had a yellow-tailed breed, So we started paying attention. Every day when I come back from school will come to feed the chickens came to breed from the study with grandfather When I started doing it The province has begun to promote that this white-tailed yellow chicken. It is a legendary chicken that has been raised for a long time. Since the history of King Naresuan Thus giving me the encouragement to raise more. would like to develop more species for conservation I will focus on breeding a purebred white-tailed yellow chicken. To keep this breed of chickens still unique. Thus, it became a profitable occupation that has been made until today,” Mr. Supakit recalled about the origin.

White-tailed Yellow Chicken


Khun Suphakit said that the white-tailed yellow chicken is a unique and famous bird in Phitsanulok. No matter who passed by in this area They had to come to see the white-tailed yellow chicken to study its history. Therefore, this breed of chicken is the economic animal of the province. because the farmers can set the selling price themselves And most importantly, foreign markets like China are quite interested. And come in to contact to buy regularly Because in addition to being raised as a beautiful animal, the meat can also be consumed.

Breeding white-tailed yellow-tailed chickens to meet the market demand, Mr. Supakit said that each breeder of white-tailed yellow-tailed chickens has a clear history. As for the mother before being mixed with that breeder In the first phase, the female rooster’s shape will be selected first. Then bring the female from the selection. to be inseminated by natural methods, using mixed breeders and artificial insemination methods Every breeding will have a clear history so that when checking offspring, you will be able to systematically know the origin of the breeder.

“Once we select the desired breeder We will bring the breeders to be imprisoned together. in the breeding area by releasing 1 brood for every 6 broods. When the eggs come out, we will collect the eggs of each mother. Come into the incubator with a note. It takes about 21 days to incubate the eggs. We will nurse the chicks with fire. And raise a kindergarten until the chicks are 2 months old. If there are customers who come in and ask to buy, they can be sold immediately, “said Supakit.

Feed for raising white-tailed yellow-tailed chickens in the farm For the nursery chicks, the emphasis is on ready-to-eat food with a protein percentage of 16. When the chicks have a complete structure, the cost of rearing is reduced. By replacing the feed with paddy and other agricultural products instead of all the chickens raised on the farm if they do not want to be used as replacement breeders in the farm. Chickens that are aged 3-4 months can be sold immediately without having to wait for maturity.

in terms of preventing various diseases For the chickens in the farm, Mr. Supakit said that adult chickens will be vaccinated three times a year, while the hatched chicks will be vaccinated according to the plan for young chickens. As for the surrounding environment greenhouses and inside greenhouses Always cleaning will be another way to keep the chickens in the farm not to get sick and have good health as well.


both at home and abroad

Because the white-tailed yellow chicken is a gamecock that has a unique identity, therefore, in terms of marketing for sale, Khun Supakit said that it can be made in a variety of ways by focusing on selling it for customers who buy it to raise them to see their beauty. Or if the chicken that is raised has a shape that is not beautiful and can not be brought to a beautiful culture. Chickens in this manner are marketed for broilers. to send to the slaughterhouse to be sold for consumption

“White-tailed yellow chickens that are sold abroad. especially China will focus on buying

Beautiful feast. In our country, customers will have to buy them to raise for the contest. And buy a breeder to breed chickens in the farm, he has more development. In addition, some customers will like to eat local chicken. because meat can be used for cooking Therefore, we have this market for chickens that are not beautiful and cannot be contested. Therefore, you can see that cocks can be marketed in a variety It depends on the farmer how to manage and manage the marketing,” said Supakit.

The area inside the house is clean.

Quality male white-tailed yellow roosters are selected for their attractive appearance. Can be contested and raised to be a breeder next. It is sold at 1,000 baht per month. Suppose the chicken is 5 months old, the price will be at 5,000 baht per head. As for the white-tailed yellow-tailed fighting cock, the quality corresponds to the characteristics of the 5 gods. The body is yellow according to the shape of the chicken. this species The price can be sold up to 50,000 baht each and the chicken that cannot be used as a beautiful chicken and can enter the contest. It will be sent as broilers for consumption. The price according to the market mechanism is 90-100 baht per kilogram.

For those who are interested in raising native chickens as a career to make money, Mr. Supakit suggests that the first thing that those interested in raising should have is the matter of love and affection. Because gamecocks are living things, so before doing it, ask yourself if you really like it or not. then gradually Study and find out what kind of native chickens you want to raise. Then start raising in small numbers. In order to try it as a supplementary occupation and when there is more experience from raising, then gradually develop the breed and focus on raising the quality. In the end, the local chicken market will be profitable. And make a career that definitely generates income

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