Phleboliths :- What are Phleboliths and How Are They Treated ?

Phleboliths are little, round bumps of calcium which form in a individual’s person veins.  They frequently appear as white spots on pelvic X-rays, and they may be confused for kidney stones.

They aren’t normally a cause for concern and are rarely painful.  But should they do cause discomfort, treatments can be found.

In this guide, we take a look at the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and therapy.

What are Phleboliths ?

Phleboliths are around clusters of calcium which develop from the walls of a vein.  They can vary in size but are generally around 5 milli meters across.  They commonly appear from the veins surrounding the anus.

Phleboliths are a sort of vascular calcification.  They’re considered a indication of abnormality from the vein.

Typically don’t move and are benign, but they might indicate the existence of some other condition. Many adults have this problem and therefore are unaffected by these.

These lumps are more prevalent in adults aged over 40 and look at precisely the exact same speed in women and men.  Their frequency increases with age.

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