Phlebotomy App for Specimen Collection

PHLEBIO is the only software that is specifically designed for the mobile blood draw and specimen collection services.  It has been transforming mobile phlebotomy and clinical laboratory organizations into efficient cloud-based operations with the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Unlike other software solutions that implement workarounds to fit the mobile phlebotomy industry, PHLEBIO was designed with all the tools and workflows that are specific and necessary for such operations. Phlebotomy App for Specimen Collection

Software As A Service

PHLEBIO will automate your mobile phlebotomy or laboratory outreach program from A to Z.  All in the cloud, in a secure environment, with unlimited archives.

Mobile Phlebotomy Business Consulting

Thinking about starting a mobile phlebotomy operation or a house call laboratory outreach program?  We can help! Mobile Laboratory Phlebotomy Software

Enterprise-Level Features Designed with Small Businesses in Mind

Implement a mobile outreach or mobile phlebotomy program for your clinical laboratory with the power of PHLEBIO

Automatic Requisitions

Manage draws & schedules for SNF and LTC facilities

Order tracking and with live GPS mapping

Comprehensive Reporting

Centralized Processing & Communication with your field technicians

Patient Data Storage


Saves time for both you and your clients

Reduces your costs of operations & IT infrastructure

Additional source of revenue for your lab

Your Team will love it!

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