Phoenix Premises Liability Lawyer

Most people enter a building that they don’t own or control on a regular basis. You might go to your local gas station every morning for a cup of coffee; or, you stop by the donut shop on the corner for your favorite—chocolate glazed with sprinkles. No matter which property you set foot on, you trust that the space is safe.

You trust that dangerous fumes aren’t leaking from a pipe in the wall; that electrical wires aren’t exposed; that the floors aren’t littered with debris or tripping hazards. What if someone violates the trust you placed in them? What if they left a hazard unaddressed, which caused you to be injured?

You can hold the negligent property owner legally accountable for the harm they’ve done to you by filing a claim with help from a Phoenix premises liability lawyer.

Types of Property Hazard Injuries in Phoenix, AZ

There are many ways that a property owner or business owner can cause you to be injured due to their carelessness.

For example, a homeowner might know that there’s a loose floorboard on their staircase, but they just step over it every day. If they don’t get that loose floorboard fixed, they know that someone could get hurt. They are responsible for the injury that someone suffers if they are injured because of that loose floorboard.

When you talk with a Phoenix property hazard lawyer at our firm, they will help you identify what type of hazard caused your injury. They will also help you determine who is legally responsible for the suffering and losses you’ve faced.

Proving Your Phoenix Premises Liability Case

You know that you were injured on someone’s property, and you know that the fault doesn’t rest with you. But how do you prove that someone else was responsible for the accident that led to your injury?

For starters, you should immediately document the scene of the accident to the best of your ability. For instance, if you were injured at a neighbor’s house when you tripped on a loose floorboard, you should take a few pictures of the floor where you were injured. This can be used as evidence to show that the homeowner was careless in not correcting that property hazard.

Next, you should seek medical attention and document your medical treatment expenses and the injuries. You will need this evidence to prove that you were hurt in the accident and that you suffered losses because of it.

Then, you should gather any of the other evidence you can. For example, if there were people who saw your accident happen, you should take down their statements and get their contact information. Witness statements are important evidence in property injury claims.

Once you’ve collected all the evidence you can, a Phoenix property injury attorney can help you put it all together.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve for a Phoenix Property Hazard Injury

You are absolutely owed a settlement for an injury caused by a negligent property owner’s actions or lack of action. You didn’t cause your injury, and you shouldn’t have to pay for it. A Phoenix premises liability attorney could assist you with calculating your losses and filing your claim with the negligent party’s insurance company. Abogados de accidentes en Phoenix

Insurers can be tricky, and they like to challenge evidence. Your attorney will work to see that your case is strong and that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you.

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