Phoenix Premises Liability Lawyer Provide by Mcordova

A property owner must ensure the protection of those that are visiting their business or house. When a property owner fails to preserve this obligation, they could be held responsible for any injury that happens.

Being injured on someone else’s property can pose a wide selection of various legal questions that will need to be answered instantly with the support of a dedicated attorney. Somebody who fails to keep up their property attentively might be held accountable in court for the injuries sustained by an innocent victim who finds themselves suffering within an attack, damage, or slip and fall event.

Phoenix Premises Liability Lawyer is dedicated to pursuing personal injury claims where a property owner’s negligence resulted in an injury or death. As one of the largest consumer law firms in Phoenix, our attorneys have decades of experience in representing victims of premises liability claims, including a slip-and-fall case that resulted in $2.25 million in damages. Our initial review of any personal injury claim is always free, and we provide our services on a contingency fee basis, so you will not be charged any legal fees unless you receive compensation.

Who is Responsible in a Premises Liability Accident?

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property safely for any individual who has a right to be there. When property owners or managers are negligent, this can lead to catastrophic and severe injuries. Under existing premises liabilities laws in Arizona, property owners could be held financially responsible for damages caused by their negligence.

An experienced Phoenix Premises Liability Lawyer can tell you more about your rights if a loved one has died on someone else’s property or if you have sustained severe injuries. Some of the most common examples of premises liability cases include:

During your accident claim, a Phoenix Premises Liability Lawyer will work closely with you to determine how the injury has influenced your life and also to ascertain the way the medical terms you have suffered from the collision may affect your potential.

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