Photos of Lexington KY Prove It’s a Beautiful Place to Live

Lexington, Kentucky is famous for its beauty and history. From the Civil War battlefields in its parks to the haunted cemeteries in its park, this city has it all! The picturesque Victorian town was once known as “Pretty Little Punkie.” And, though the name has since been changed, it’s still home to some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and take photos of your friends and family. You never know when a good photo opportunity will arise!

The photos Lexington KY will show you why. Home to the University of Kentucky and many of the world’s most famous brands, it’s also known for its welcoming people, wonderful restaurants and drink prices you can actually afford. Add in an abundance of stunning parks that anyone can enjoy and take amazing photos Lexington KY and you have what you need to make the most of your time here. In fact, it’s probably even more beautiful than you think!


In 1692, a group of settlers led by Richardico Metcalf purchased land in what is now Lexington. The area was then called “Duffield’s Purchase.”, after the first English-speaking settler. The Metcalfs were primarily Irish Catholic immigrants, and they named the new settlement “Lexington” in honor of their country. By the mid-19th century, the town had become known as a center for tobacco and wine plantations, but in the early 20th century, the University of Kentucky (U of K) was established in Lexington. As the university grew, both physically and economically, the city grew with it. Newer residential areas were developed around the university, and the old downtown area was left almost untouched. What’s more, many of the city’s older landmarks—including the historic Lexington Trading Post, the Lexington Planetarium, and the Kentucky Statehouse—were spared demolition.


The Lexington skyline is filled with classic, red-brick buildings that have been proudly standing for more than a century. Many of Lexington’s most recognizable buildings—including the Hotel University, the Metropolitan Hotel, the Lexington Opera House, and the Lexington Landmark—were designed by prominent architects. The Lexington skyline is also home to many other notable structures, including the colossal Beamish Moorman Spindles, the Lexington Children’s Museum, Renaissance Health and Wellness, and Macy’s.

Parks and Recreation:

Located just a short drive from the center of Lexington, the city’s parks and outdoor areas are a great place to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some of the best parks in town include Ravenel Park, the new and almost universally loved Boonesborough Park, and Phil Potee Park.



Culture and Entertainment:

From world-renowned art museums such as the Museum of Art, to charming old-world restaurants, to whimsical and quirky theatres, you won’t be able to stay away from culture in Lexington. If you’re into art, you can check out the National Museum of American Art, the impressive Castello di Amorosa, or the World Bank. If you prefer a more intellectual and historical attraction, you can visit the Old Town Hall, the D.W. Mason Piano Building, or the Bardavon Library.

Shopping and Dining:

If you’re looking for a spot of lunch or dinner before heading back out to the parks and recreational areas, check out the Heights on Broadway. The Heights on Broadway is a restaurant and lounge located in the old railway station, and it is one of the most popular places in Lexington to eat. The Old Town Market is a great place to shop for all things local, and you can always find lots of live music there.

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