Physical Therapy Together with the Patient in Thoughts

Physical therapy can be incredibly useful inside the treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal problems. However it can also cause further injury or a delay in healing when the therapy is applied to as outlined by a preconceived protocol rather than taking the patient’s individual circumstances into consideration. Get a lot more information and facts about Physical Therapy Clinic NYC

Although this may perhaps seem clear that unique sufferers may have different treatment wants, experience has shown that some physical therapy clinics utilize a “one-size-fits-all” strategy to therapy. This strategy appears to be particularly widespread in larger physical therapy facilities in which a large part from the treatment is administered by assistants instead of by actual physical therapists.

A physical therapy assistant might not usually possess the training and experience to know when the usual treatment protocol is just not proper for any provided patient. This results in the situation in which patients are put through therapies that not just fail to bring improvement, but can truly delay recovery as well as cause further injury.

For instance, I had the occasion to treat a gentleman who presented with serious low back pain and sciatica who had been having physical therapy at a nearby facility. This patient had been diagnosed as possessing a ruptured disc in his lumbar spine and he could barely stroll. The physical therapy assistants had been using the standard low back pain protocol used in the facility.

Regrettably, their typical back pain protocol was totally inappropriate for a individual with a ruptured disc. They have been really having this man do resistance training, despite the fact that he was literally screaming out in pain! Looking to be a compliant patient, he was really attempting to complete the weight-lifting they have been asking him to do, and no one seemed to become capable to determine (or probably simply did not care) why he was receiving worse!

A great physical therapist will often think about the patient’s unique situations and develop a treatment program that may be designed especially for that patient. Whilst basic protocols may be valuable, strict adherence to a pre-set protocol isn’t generally within the ideal interests of your patient.

In addition, although a physical therapist might delegate some treatment duties to assistants, the therapist should be positive that the assistants are effectively trained and that the assistants retain superior communication with all the patient and also the physical therapist in order that treatment is often adjusted when the require arises.

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