Physician Preference Cards: How to Stack the Deck in Your Favor

Every surgeon performs their surgeries differently. Obviously, you require different equipment and procedure to perform different surgeries and be successful and your job. If you work in a busy institution, details may get mixed up, especially if you don’t have a proper QR that helps keep everything in check.

This is where physical preference cards come in hand in such cases. They are an essential part of the OR because they keep you updated on the items they require during the procedure. This way, you have exactly what you need for each surgery. In addition, physical preference cards make sure your team is satisfied with their work. Finally, the cards ensure your team doesn’t waste time or resources.

When you want to stack them in your favor, however, you should follow these steps.

Audit your preference cards

Ensure that other members of the team verify your cards and that it’s updated. For instance, you can ask whether the items they used last time should be bought every time.

Assign responsibility

Your team can select one individual who will be managing your physical preference cards. This person is supposed to be the one everyone consults concerning any changes. They should also give details on any updates. This way, your team will operate smoothly. Here are other roles you can assign;

  • Two or more nurses or surgical techs can oversee the procedures, interviews, and documents. This way, the cards will be accurate.
  • Add a process improvement manager who can map supply chain flow in the facilities.
  • A data analyst will put and collect data taken through observation so you can track the progress of the project.
  • A process improvement manager who can map supply chain flow across facilities.

Do not update your cards in the QR

The QR will always be busy. Nurses will be everywhere trying to make changes in the cards. Therefore, the person making the preference cards should do it away from the QR or other distractions.

Give forms to the QR staff

You can give blank forms to the QR so the nurses can fill them in when they feel they need to. The forms should have basic information such as the date, name of the individual filing the form, surgeon, and the procedure.

Vet changes

Before giving out the cards, ensure everyone confirms any changes. Additionally, make sure you proofread to enhance clarity.

A useful step when addressing the status of the physical preference cards is to assess what is available to you. After this, downsize by eliminating what you don’t need anymore. The QR can be quite overloaded with work, especially due to the many changes and projects.

Check whether your facility has all the requirements of everyday projects and ensure you collaborate with the surgeons. Some surgeons may see this as tedious or a waste of time. But if they collaborate with the other staff will ensure a streamlined, efficient process that gives good reviews.

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