Pilates Teacher Training | Top Benefits Of Pilates

Most of the fitness enthusiasts know what Pilates is all about. But there is an entirely different category of people too that exists and which is much bigger in its volume. Hopefully you also belong to the latter group; otherwise you don’t have a strong reason to read the benefits of trying out Pilates. Many people think that practicing Pilates is even better than practicing Yoga. This article will shed light on surprising benefits of practicing Pilates that will push you to change your camp.


Unique And Awesome Benefits Of Pilates

Pilates is synonymous to well sculptured and toned body. Individuals of every age group are keen to have a to-die for body, especially the youngsters. The advantages of Pilates extend from increasing your core strength and flexibility. See in the points given below what all you get as a reward of practicing Pilates.

  • For improved bone density. As a person ages the bone density decreases due to which a number of health problems arise. These mainly include back pain and arthritis. The bone building benefits is one very important reason why people are regular at Pilates workout. Bones respond to resistance and weight-bearing exercises. Resistance in Pilates comes from resistance bands and apparatus springs. Women in their post 40s often suffer from low bone density. It is better to start early to save your bones from untimely depletion.
  • For promoting weight loss. Practicing Pilates is an effective way of losing weight. When you follow Pilates teacher training workout you burn 4-8 calories per minute. This will lead to losing a pound of body weight in a week’s time as your body will be deficit of 500 calories per day. Trainers instruct a moderate warm up and cool down session but remember that should be excluded from your 45-60 minutes sessions a day for 4-5 days a week.
  • For alleviating back pain. This is the time to rejoice for the back pain survivors. Back pain can come to your life because of poor postures, sedentary lifestyle and lack of nourishment. Pilates can strengthen core to support back and you can see a significant improvement with a four weeks’ time. It tightens your back muscles and corrects the misalignments hence inhibiting the back pain.
  • For adding flexibility. Another advantage of pirates is you get incredibly more flexible. When you become flexible you are less prone to pains and injuries. Pilates sessions require motion in several planes unlike other exercises. Working with additional planes help the motion and flexibility increase. Hence there will be less or no injury risks.

Look forward to a strengthened core, improved posture and great body with Pilates.



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