Pilgrimage travel tips for families.

Being able to travel for the holy pilgrimage with family is a great blessing of Allah Almighty for a believer. Indeed, it’s something that every Muslim desire but Allah grants this opportunity to a person as per his will. Yet, hundreds of thousands of families travel every year with their hajj 2022 cost for the holy rituals of the pilgrimage.
When opting for pilgrimage travel with families, one has to consider a lot of factors. Especially if you are also accompanying elderly people and children along. While many of the hajj and umrah travel agents offer personalized nature of services, there’s still a lot of work to do for an individual.
So here are some of the essential pilgrimage travel tips for families.

Considering you’ll be performing the holy rituals with children; they need to be well aware of the pilgrimage’s significance as well as its sanctity. Therefore, educate your children regarding the rites of the pilgrimages, and supplications. Prefer talking to your children about the pilgrimage in an educating yet interesting manner. Therefore, keep them engaged in learning about it preparing them spiritually for it.

Learn some basic Arabic phrases.
It’s obvious that you may not find English-speaking guards at every gate of the Haramain. So, you must learn a few Arabic phrases and words that may be useful in different scenarios. For instance, when you need help in finding the directions, thanking them or asking for any favors, etc.

Carry your travel essentials.
There’s a big difference between the things you’ll need and the things that will most probably be demanded by your kids during your holy trip. Therefore, always carry your travel essentials accordingly. The best thing to do in this regard is to prepare a checklist to refer to.

Rest enough.
Children, as well as elderly people, get tried quickly. Make sure that you as well as everybody else in your family get enough rest when it’s time because it would help you in keeping all of you energetic and fresh.

Travel light.
Always travel light for the holy rituals; only carrying your travel essentials and making sure your daily travel bag is capable enough to fit all your everyday needs.
Also make sure that every individual carries a separate bottle of water, some snacks, and cleaning wipes as well for personal use. Never forget to pack a prayer mat because your kids may demand to lay down anywhere.

Make personal IDs.
Considering the crowd in Haramain, always make sure that you stay near to your family members. However, there will be times when going to separate men and women sections would be required during your pilgrimage. Therefore, it is advised to plan a common meeting point for such scenarios. Also, it’s better to make personal IDs as well.
These are some of the necessary pilgrimage travel tips for families.

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