Pipe Fittings: Everything You Need to Know


In this Blog, we will cover everything about Pipe Fittings, from applications to maintenance and more. First, let’s see what Pipe Fittings are.

Pipe Fittings: Definition –

Pipe fittings, also known as pipe connectors, attach one pipe to another in order to lengthen the run or change the flow direction in a plumbing system. These are used to combine, divert or reduce the flow of the water supply, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit the pipe they will connect.

Pipe fittings dimensions are important and there are sizing standards to follow. While most have openings of the same size on each end, some fittings are designed with different-sized openings and serve as the transition from one size pipe to another.

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Now that we’ve seen what Pipe Fittings are, let’s look at the types of Pipe Fittings which are widely used in industries.

Types of Pipe Fittings:

Pipe Elbows –

Threaded or socket weld pipe elbows are commonly used if you need to change the direction of flow. Most popular: 90 & 45 degree angles elbows. Elbows are a critical fitting used in plumbing.

Pipe Flanges

Flanges are used to connect pipes. The pipe is threaded or welded to the flanges which are then sealed together with bolts. Flanged connections are used extensively in industrial applications handling high pressures.

Pipe Nipples

A pipe nipple is a short stub of pipe which has a male pipe thread at one or both ends. It used for connecting two other fittings. Nipples are used for connecting pipe, hoses, and valves. Pipe nipples are used in low-pressure pipe systems.


Pipe Tees are T-shaped with two outlets – at 90° to the connection to the main line. It is a short piece of pipe with a lateral outlet. Pipe tees are used to connect pipelines with a pipe at a right angle with the line.

Next, we shall see where Pipe Fittings are used:

Pipe Fittings Applications –

There are no limits to the applications of pipe fittings, just as there are no limits to the applications of pipes. While the list of piping applications continues to grow, its strength, flexibility, high flow rates, and chemical resistance are characteristics that make it uniquely suited for the movement or transfer of liquids, steam, solids, and air from one point to another. Pipe fittings have a variety of other applications in piping, including the following:

  • The transportation of extremely dangerous materials such as chemicals and waste.
  • High-pressure protection for sensitive equipment.
  • Corrosion and other extreme weather conditions are protected.
  • Chemical resistance in household and industrial chemicals

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Quick tips on how to maintain Pipe Fittings –

  • Worn-out gaskets in pipeline joints should be replaced on a regular basis, before they become brittle, deformed, or permanently lose their shape.
  • Distress cracks on walls and footings near pipe anchors will indicate improper thermal expansion layout during a preventive maintenance inspection.
  • Examine the pipeline supports to see if they are firm or if they have become dislodged from their installed positions.
  • Check to see if vibrations and expansions caused by process equipment such as a homogenizer or a pasteurizer are not carried on to pipelines connected to them.
  • Check to see if any changes, such as expansion or equipment relocation, have an impact on the pipeline installation and are properly supported and connected without stress.

So far, we’ve seen the meaning of Pipe Fittings, the types of Pipe Fittings which are most sold, their applications and some tips on how to maintain them. If you’ve been reading this blog so far, you’ve probably been looking to buy Pipe Fittings. Well, look no further and read on to find out who is the leading manufacturer of Pipe Fittings.

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