Pipe tobacco or cigarettes: Reasons for the smoker’s preference

Anyone who enjoys tobacco likes to consume it specially, and has a preference for the tobacco product he enjoys most. When tobacco was discovered, it was mainly used as a beverage, antiseptic, or as stimulants for shamans. It was only smoked in its raw herbal form without any need for processing it.

Today there are different types of tobacco and nicotine products available to pro smokers and beginners alike. Sometimes the difference is just in the flavor, other times, concentration. Every smoker has his reasons for singling out a particular type of smoke, however, pipe tobaccos and cigarettes are always in contrast.

In this article, we pit pipe tobaccos and cigarettes against each other and give you reasons why people may consider one over the other.

Pipe Tobacco Vs Cigarettes

I. Pipe Tobacco is More Natural

The worry of cigarettes containing more chemical tobacco or synthetic chemicals has been one of the primary reasons why the cigarette market is gradually declining in western countries. Although Roll-Your-Own (RYO) cigarettes are a better alternative to commercial cigarettes, some smokers tend to fall back on pipe tobaccos instead. However, many pipe tobacco brands contain extra chemical flavorings.

II. Pipe Tobacco Is Healthier

Since pipe tobacco is mainly raw natural herb and sometimes has fewer additives, unlike commercial cigarettes, it is less injurious to your health. Smoking pipe tobacco is not so different from rolling your cigars and blunts, and some people prefer having their smokes served in pipes without having to buy a blunt roller or zig-zag papers.

Cigarettes Vs Pipe Tobacco

I. Cigarettes Contain Less Nicotine

Pipe tobaccos are processed by heating the herbs to reduce sugar and increase nicotine concentration. Smokers who care about their nicotine intake would rather settle for cigarettes than smoke pipe tobaccos.

II. Pipes Are Archaic

This seems pretty accurate but still isn’t a good enough reason why any smoker should give up the thrill of pipe tobacco. Cigarettes are common among young adults and teens, while pipe tobacco catches the fancy of older adults and scholars. It goes without saying that pipe tobacco is an elite smoking choice. To appeal to younger markets, many tobacco brands add flavors to their tobacco to make it fancier.

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