Pittwater Eco Floor Sanding | A professional Floor Sanding company:

Sanding wood, sanding parquet or any other type of wood surface share the same objective: to achieve a sanding that smoothes and evens the surface without damaging the wood.

Achieving a perfect finish easily is what sanders give you. With them, you can sand any type of materials and surfaces: furniture, doors, windows, sanding wood, sanding parquet, putty, plastic, and other varieties.

Advantages of floor polishing and buffing:

At Pittwater Eco Floor Sanding, throughout our professional career, we have observed that one of the services most demanded by clients is the timber floor polishing. Over time, defects, scratches, or open joints appear due to the daily traffic of people in large surfaces, companies, or neighborhood communities. With polishing, the floor is lowered and the stone is left smooth to give it a more intense shine.

Terrazzo or marble floors are true of high quality, but this does not prevent them from needing maintenance over the years. As the change of the tiles entails great costs and cumbersome works, the best option is that you opt for the polishing of floors. Thanks to this technique, the surface will regain its original appearance in a much faster and above all economical way.

When to sand or polish parquet?

It is always advisable to carry out good maintenance of the parquet, even if we do not see clear signs of deterioration. Even so, some indicators will alert you that you should sand and polish the parquet:

– Scratches and signs of wear.

– Stains produced by contact with liquids.

– Soil abrasion.

Also, if there are moisture problems, the parquet planks are likely to be damaged by stains. In this case, the advice of a professional who can solve the problem will be necessary.

As specialists in polishing floors, we guarantee that we will be able to smooth the entire surface, eliminating the wear marks that have occurred.

In our company, we have the latest generation of laying floorboards and equipment with heads that achieve a total planimetry of the floor. Once done, we proceed to polish it, where three components are involved: the stripper where it is cleaned and a glossy base is given, the sealants that equalize the base, and the crystallizer that achieves the desired finish.

At Pittwater Eco Floor Sanding, we are a company specialized in sanding and polishing services. We are also offering floorboard replacement. Our professionals have extensive experience in the sector and guarantee the quality of the work.

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