Pizza For Thanksgiving? Reasons Why It Might Just Be The Best Idea Ever


While Thanksgiving with the family might bring up images of home-cooked turkey, roast potatoes and carrots, Brussels sprouts and stuffing, it doesn’t have to be that way! Though many people will have those dishes on their table this year, not everyone does – and that includes yours truly! There are so many other options to choose from; why not make yours pizza? Not only is there a huge variety of toppings available, but you can also go vegetarian or vegan if you want to; just ask your Penrith Italian restaurant what they offer in terms of alternative ingredients!

1) Pizza Brings Everyone Together

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a table with your friends and family, chatting and laughing while you slice up delicious pizza. What better way to bring people together than by sharing a tasty meal? The best part is that there are so many different kinds of pizzas to choose from; everyone is guaranteed to find something they love. Plus, it’s usually easy on the wallet, so you can make more room in your budget for other holiday expenses.

2) Its Already Cooked, You Can Relax and Enjoy Yourself

The next time you’re in charge of picking out a main course for Thanksgiving dinner, take a moment to consider pizza. Yes, just order at the restaurant near you and wait for the delivery, or opt Penrith takeaway. But there are more reasons than that as to why having pizza on Thanksgiving might just be the best idea ever. So, all you have to do is, when you’re ready to serve dinner, just open the pizza box.

3) Fewer Dishes To Clean Up

-There’s no need to buy a pumpkin pie.

-No worries about it melting, dripping on the floor and turning into a sticky mess.

-It’s easy to make with less than 30 minutes of prep time.

-You can order from your favourite pizzeria and have it delivered.

-It doesn’t require any last-minute baking, meaning you can enjoy more of what Thanksgiving is all about: family, friends and football.

-It’s way cheaper than making a homemade pie.

4) Everyone can choose what they like on it

The best part about a pizza is that you can put whatever you want on it. There are so many different options, and they’re all delicious. You can make one with sausage, onions and mushrooms; one with olives, peppers and pineapple; or even one with grilled chicken, broccoli and garlic sauce. The possibilities are endless!


November is the official start of Thanksgiving season. In fact, if you ask anyone what their favourite part of Thanksgiving is, the answer might just be this one: pizza! After all, it’s been said that pepperoni and cheese make everything better, including holidays and family gatherings. Now plan on the best pizza in Penrith party for this thanksgiving November!

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