Places to see in Turkey

Eclectic, mystical and beautiful: Turkey has been a meeting place for civilizations and has vast regions that preserve natural treasures. On trivago we reveal the 10 most impressive places to see in Turkey that dazzle every traveler.

1. Laguna Azul at Oludeniz

Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea, in Turkish) is a small town located in the Fethiye district, Mugla province. Its coastline, bathed by the Aegean Sea, is known for its Blue Lagoon : a natural reserve with beaches of crystal clear water and shades of turquoise blue reminiscent of Caribbean beaches.

2. Pamukkale

In the province of Denizli, there is Pamukkale (cotton castle in Turkish), a surprising geological formation product of tectonic movements that caused the appearance of numerous sources of hot springs. Along with Hierapolis , the ancient Hellenistic city that was built on top of this “castle”, Pamukkale, has been declared a World Heritage Site since 1988. Definitely a must if you are visiting Turkey then you must see this guide made in Turkey tours

3. Kaputas beach

In southwestern Turkey, between the cities of Kas and Kalkan, is Kaputas Beach : a magnet for visitors to the region due to the beauty of its waters. Do not miss the opportunity to organize some excursions and activities such as kayaking, rafting, boat routes and through the mountains.

4. Ephesus Izmir

Ephesus, named after one of the queens of the Amazons, was an important port city , religious, cultural and commercial center. Currently there are Greco – Roman ruins of the city and early Christian and Byzantine remains. The city was famous for the temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and we find in it the library of Celsus, the door of Augustus or the tomb of the apostle John.

5. Aspendos

About 45 km east of present-day Antalya is Aspendos : a Greco-Roman city that played no major role in ancient times as a political force but is nonetheless famous for having one of the best-preserved theaters in the Roman world. , which was built under Emperor Marcus Aurelius by the architect Zeno.

6. The Maiden’s Tower

Visiting Turkey is not worth it without stopping at least a few days in Istanbul. The city divided by the Bosphorus Strait has a small islet where a tower known to the Turks as Kiz Kulesi , Maiden’s Tower, was built in the 12th century . Two legends surround this monument: the first one tells that a Byzantine emperor locked his daughter in this tower to protect her, since a fortune teller had predicted that she would die from a snake bite. The second is an adaptation of a mythical legend that tells the relationship between Leandro and Hero. For the latter, the tower is also known as the Torre de Leandro . Currently n Inside there is a restaurant It offers magnificent views of the city.

7. Capadocia

The Cappadocia region (land of beautiful horses, in Turkish) is famous for its capricious geological formations, the result of the action of natural forces through the centuries. Given its situation, it became the meeting point for trade routes and also the object of continuous invasions. Therefore, the inhabitants of the region built entire cities in the subsoil where they could take refuge and subsist for many months without going outside. Among the constructions are in addition to these underground cities, the caverns, the fairy chimneys, the valleys with incredible views of these formations and the Göreme National Park . The region was included in 1985 on the list of World Heritage Sites.

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