Planning a hike lately? Pack a bunch of RV softness toilet tissue roll and other essentials.

Hiking helps you to not only explore your adventurous side but also takes you in the laps of nature. The beautiful landscapes, the pure air, and the birds and insects humming around; the pleasure and peace that hiking brings you is worth all the efforts. However, if you want your hiking experience to be more pleasurable and less painful, there are certain things that you should never forget to pack in your trek bag.




Candles and matchsticks

Everyone has mobile phones and electric torches that make every hike a bliss. But we always have to be prepared for some unforeseen circumstances. If you lose the trail and end up away from your team, you can light a fire and can use the smoke to guide them to you. Moreover, the fire can keep you warm, and can serve as a torch if your phone or battery runs off. From the romantic point of view, if you are hiking with your partner, a romantic candle light dinner with a landscape view of the mountains and the valley harms no one.

Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

RV tissues are also called septic tank-friendly tissues as they dissolve immediately after coming in contact with any liquid. They do not form any lumps whatsoever. Thus, carrying them might be helpful in case of any natural emergency.

First-Aid Kit

Do not carry an entire drugstore with you, but make sure to carry all the essentials that you always need in case of a medical emergency, and other essentials for unexpected ones. Things to include in your first-aid kit while hiking-

Ointments and medication for insects’ bites, and mosquito bites.

Disinfectant cleaners such as Dettol

Medicated cotton



Tablets for cold, fewer, stomach ache, body pain alongside your everyday medication if you have any.

Small Biodegradable Trash Bags for segregating the biomedical waste.

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