Planning to Buy a GPS Tracker? Consider These Things

Running a successful fleet business is a very daunting task. After all, it is very difficult to keep track of each of the vehicles that your business is operating. But there is one thing that can help you do it quickly and easily. We are talking about a 4G GPS tracker.

Trackers not just helps in keeping knowing the current position of the vehicle but also helps in many other things. The tracker also helps in minimizing the cost of fuel, it helps in knowing how much distance the vehicle has traveled, and it is also proven to increase productivity. But all of these things are only possible when you are purchasing an advanced tracker with the best features. So, let’s check the features.

Distress Button: It is one of the best and most amazing features that every GPS tracker must-have. With the help of this feature, the drive can easily inform the authorities if there is anything wrong. Also, the distress button shares the vehicle’s current location along with the directions so that you can easily reach the location.

Water Resistance: Another interesting feature that your GPS tracker should have is water resistance. If the tracker is water-resistant, it can easily withstand occasional water splashes. The main purpose of this feature is to make the tracker a little more durable.

Smart Alert: Another great feature that your tracker should have is the smart alert. When a tracker has a smart alert feature, it sends an instant alert to the authority if the vehicle leaves a particular geographical location, if it exists in the safety zone, or if it moves beyond the schedule.

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