Planning To Buy A Light Table – Do Consider The Following

If you are looking for a table that can illuminate while drawing, drafting, or inspecting then you should consider purchasing a light table. A light table is basically a table that has a lightbox underneath its surface. It provides the direct illumination you need for tracing lines, reviewing images and more. The light that these kinds of tables use is fluorescent lights because these lights generate less heat. These tables serve as a perfect tool to improve the functionality and efficiency of an industrial workplace. They have a variety of uses in the field of drawing and drafting. They can also be used to review artworks or photographic films. (Information source:

The market offers a lot of different varieties of light tables with different designs and styles. Basically, they are similar with a little bit of tweaking. So, you need to choose the perfect table that can meet all your requirements and for that, there are some things that you need to consider before buying a light table.

Light Source:

The light source in a light table is a very important thing to consider. Light tables can be powered up with both power cords or batteries. But it doesn’t make much of a difference. The main thing which you need to check is that the lights that are used must be LEDs. LED lights are very effective as they don’t emit much heat and provide a comfortable working experience. Since the lights are placed just under the surface, it would be difficult to touch the surface with lights that emit more heat as they can burn your hands. That is why LED lights are perfect for a light table.

The Surface Of The Table:

The surface of the table should be durable so that it doesn’t break if you put a little bit of pressure while working. As the surface of the light table is made of glass, it should be hard enough to work without injuring yourself. Also, your table should have a tray feature so that you don’t drop your belongings while working. A tilting surface is beneficial too as it makes checking blueprints and other arts a lot easier than a flat, horizontal surface.

Clarity Of The Surface:

Since the light table has a glass surface, it should be clear enough to inspect the artworks clearly because an unclear surface makes it difficult to inspect any subject. Also, the glass should be clear enough to let the light pass through it without emitting too much light. It should be clear enough to let the perfect amount of light pass through without hurting your eyes. But make sure to check the glass quality based on your work.


Light tables should be easy to clean as the glass surface needs to maintain its clarity. So harsh chemicals need to be used while cleaning, therefore you need a table that should not get affected by those chemicals. Stainless steel is a great option for the material as it is corrosion resistant and doesn’t catch germs or bacteria.

Keeping all these in mind will help you to get a perfect light table that can meet your requirements and fits perfectly in your workplace.

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