Planning to buy a new washing machine? These are the features you should know:

If you are planning to buy a new washing machine, here Commercial laundry experts have prepared the best guide. You should know the different features:

Patch Automatic:

Depending on the manufacturer, program options are offered that specialize in different types of stains. The washing program with the right washing temperature, the soaking time and the reversing rhythm are automatically adjusted to the type of stain. Removing stains has never been so easy.

Foam detection:

If you have overdosed the detergent once, the foam detection function may help. It detects excessive foaming and reduces it with an extra rinse.

Eco function:

Activating the Eco function saves energy and protects the environment. Although washing usually takes longer, less power is consumed. Why this is so, you will find out in the linked article.

Eco-feedback function:

This function can only be found in special and costly washing machines. It helps to make electricity and water consumption more transparent for the consumer.

At the touch of a button, the display shows how much kilowatt-hours of electricity and how many liters of water the machine consumed in the finished wash cycle. Furthermore, a preliminary forecast is displayed before and during the washing process. With this feedback, you can customize your washing behavior and make your laundry more environmentally conscious.

Memory function:

Modern washing machines offer a so-called memory function, with the help of which you can store frequently used programs and settings and retrieve them easily.

Anti-crease function:

The anti-crease function is intended to ensure that fewer wrinkles are created during the spinning process. However, not every expert is convinced of this function.

Steam function:

In the so-called steam technology, hot steam is introduced into the drum in addition to the water. This steam ensures that allergy-causing pathogens in the laundry, without additional chemistry, are reduced.

Also, the laundry should be smoothed. However, most household experts are convinced that ironing cannot be replaced by these functions. You can also find more details on our iron website.

Smart Diagnosis:

Many LG washing machines are equipped with the “Smart Diagnosis” function. It is an intelligent self-diagnosis of the machine.

According to Commercial laundry, errors of the machine can be identified with the smartphone. A call to the hotline is also possible, in which you trigger a sequence of tones by pressing a button on the machine, through which the service staff can detect the error.

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